Benefits of Sleeping Naked

If you are looking for the best ways to develop a healthy and stable sleeping habit, you know how hard it is to get rid of insomnia and how it impacts your overall well-being. I myself have been looking for the secrets of healthy, calm, and deep sleeping that is the key to effective work and communications, life without stress, and even health improvements. To help you get rid of insomnia or improve the quality of sleeping, I decided to share with you the main benefits of sleeping naked. It is one of the simplest verified methods of improving your physical and mental health, speeding up professional development and income growth, and simply looking much better.

To lead a healthy life, each of us has to sleep about 7-9 hours a day. However, most people can sleep this amount of time at the weekend or after a glass of wine. The reason is extremely intense work, high tempo of life, and growing stress that blocks a quick and smooth falling asleep process. Sleeping nude can improve this situation and give you better and longer dreams, followed by a bunch of benefits. Let’s review the most surprising and significant ones.

How Sleeping Naked Improves Your Life and Makes You Healthier


To see how sleeping in your birth suit can impact your life and why this is the right method to try for people who struggle with bad sleeping or insomnia, let’s review the main values, reasons, and tips that will make you try this method without any regrets.

What does sleeping naked mean?

A lot of people avoid sleeping unclothed because they don’t know the meaning of the nude sleeping, what happens when you sleep naked, and how it impacts your physical and mental health. Despite there is a variety of options to be worn during sleep, sleeping naked means taking off your clothes before going to bed. This means there are only your body and the bedsheets, without any sleepsuits, underwear, or fancy pajamas. Although such a decision might improve your relationship, sleeping nude does not have a direct connection to intimate life – this is just the way to feel more natural and comfortable that can also improve your quality of sleep.

Why sleeping with clothes is bad for you?

Going to bed in clothes, even if this is your traditional sleeping suit, can result in more time needed for you to fall asleep, more often wake-ups during the night, incorrect breathing, or additional boundaries for lymph circulation, etc. Wearing the incorrect type of clothes before going to bed can potentially harm your physical and mental health. It is definitely worth doing through the main disadvantages produced by sleeping suits.

One of the main reasons why sleeping in clothes is bad for you is the tightness of clothing that can produce real harm to your health. It might impede natural blood circulation processes to flow freely through your body while sleeping. It can also prevent your healthy and free-breathing, making you wake up in the middle of the night, interrupting all recovery processes essential for your brain functioning, immune system, metabolism, and overall healthy work of your organs.

A lot of people like to sleep in their underwear or the pajamas that look exactly like it. Choosing such a sleepsuit, you harm the quality of your sleeping and overall well-being. Wearing tight underwear at night increases the risk of breeding various bacteria for both men and women. In case the clothing is made of synthetics of a material that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, it might even result in dangerous yeast irritations.

Sleeping with your clothes on is, after all, unnatural. When your neurons become extremely sensitive during your sleep, feeling the foreign element can prevent your brain from relaxing and focusing on essential processes of restoring its ability to absorb and process information during the day quickly. Moreover, a sleeping suit can also help you increase your body temperature, which is also an obstacle for deep and calm sleeping.

Another disadvantage of wearing clothes in your bed is that it won’t let you lose weight or may become the reason for gaining several pounds. According to a 2013 study held by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, hormones responsible for growth and appetite depend on the amount of sleep you receive. Thus, sleeping less makes you eat more or more often. Less sleep also results in lower metabolism that can’t burn as many calories as you should, and thus you eat more and spend less, gaining extra pounds when your sleeping quality or quantity decreases.

The benefits of sleeping naked

Now, let’s review the main benefits of sleeping naked that are equally important for your mental and physical health, social life, and professional development.


Good sleep directly correlates with our health and physical well-being. The main health benefit of sleeping naked is that this helps you lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. The research held in 2010 that analyzed data received from near 1,500 subjects revealed the connection between the lower quality of sleeping and the growing risk of diabetes, followed by a higher probability of getting a heart attack. Women sleeping naked improve their vaginal health, decreasing the risk of the yeast infections development that is quite high when wearing a tight or non-breathing sleepsuit. Stripping down before going to sleep is also beneficial for male fertility: a study focused on male testicular function in connection with the type of chosen underwear revealed that tight-fitting underwear impacts testicle and sperm health negatively. Men sleeping naked have better fertility and stronger health.

Another great reason to sleep without clothing is losing weight. When you lower your body`s temperature by sleeping in the buff, that increases your metabolism and makes your body start creating more brown fat that will keep you warm during your sleep.

Brown fat warms up your body by burning about 300 calories per hour, producing 300 times more energy than any other body organ. Sleeping nude improves your blood circulation and the formation of growth hormone and melatonin, which both are essential elements of staying young and healthy.



Sleeping naked might not only improve the overall quality of your sleep but also positively impact your skin condition. Giving your body the ability to breathe freely through naked skin during the night increases its nutrition with oxygen, and it can also help your wounds heal faster. According to the recent study of sleep restriction and how it impacts skin barrier restoration, people who receive a sufficient sleep quality get their wounds healed faster. At the same time, additional nutrition produces zero effect on your skin’s ability to rehabilitate.


A significant additional benefit of sleeping naked is improving your relationship. People sleeping naked with their partners are happier in their relationships than the wearers of sleeping clothes. The skin-contacting with your partner enhances the production of oxytocin hormone, releasing it into your brain and neurons. This positively impacts your emotional stance and thus increases the tension between partners. Sleeping nude with your partner also improves your closeness and openness, reducing the distance between people and encouraging couples to get closer and feel free and secure with each other.

Brain functioning

The better you sleep, the more time your brain has for restoring and getting ready for the new day full of active work. When you sleep, your brain gets rid of toxic proteins that emerge in your brain neurons as a result of neural activity during the day. However, a lower quality of sleep ruins this process, and a sufficient amount of toxins remains in your brain. When your brain cells are intoxicated, this slows down your thinking and processing information, and can even result in destroying your creativity and ability to produce true emotions. This problem can be reduced by decreasing your skin`s temperature, ditching your clothes before going to bed. The lower your skin temperature is, the deeper your sleep will be, and the fewer times you are going to wake up in the nighttime.

Battling with stress and depression

Battling with severe prolonged stress is one of the most widespread problems for both men and women nowadays. Stress impacts the immune system, heart, and even cognitive performance negatively. Sleeping in the buff helps you get proper sleep that stabilizes your level of cortisol. Cortisol decreases your stress and emotional stance regardless of the events happening around and helps you battle with emotionally complicated situations.

Tips for sleeping naked


In case you have never tried sleeping in the buff, you might find it complicated to change your lifelong habit. To help you get acquainted smoothly with the new sleeping conditions, let’s go through some useful and pretty simple tips.

The most comfortable start for the majority of people will be a gradual shift from one habit to another. Thus, I recommend you get off your sleeping clothes in several stages. You might start with sleeping in just one part of your pajamas or sleeping in loose underwear without a shirt. This method allows you to get used to the new sleeping conditions and not feel discomfort in the beginning. Moreover, you will be able to feel the difference even with a partial ditching of your clothes and get motivated to move forward to the next stage.

It is important to maintain your bed clean and fresh, and it becomes harder when you start sleeping in your birth suit. I recommend you to change your sheets at least once a week and pay attention to their stance, especially in hot weather. To be sure your sheets are clean, try showering before going to bed. It will help you relax before bedtime, get off your clothes before directly going to bed, and feel clean and fresh, increasing the quality of your sleep.

Choosing the right sheets can also play a significant role in your sleeping quality. When you sleep nude, your skin gets in constant direct contact with the sheets cloth. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality sheets made of natural materials. Try to use soft but also light sheets that will help to cool your skin for better sleeping and won’t produce any skin irritations. In case your sheets are too tight or fuzzy, this will irritate your skin and make you wake up at night, preventing you from deep healthy sleeping.

In case you start sleeping nude in the colder season, don’t be afraid of getting cold because of lower temperatures. Your body will be able to warm you up, and you can also use a thermostat to receive optimal conditions or use a thicker blanket. The optimal thermostat temperature for rejuvenating, deep sleep is 70 degrees or lower, as people sleep better when it`s cooler. Don’t worry about freezing: your body will start self-regulating its temperature, getting adapted to the environment.

Some people prefer to stay dressed at night because they just don’t want to be caught off guard in their birth suit. To help you feel secure, I recommend you leave a robe next to your bed. In case you feel cold in the morning or there is a necessity to wake up quickly in the middle of the night – your robe will be there to wear in just a few seconds. Knowing that you have it next to you will also help you feel relaxed and fall asleep without feeling nervous.

What to wear if not sleeping naked


Although there are numerous strong reasons to sleep naked, sometimes there are situations when you just have to keep your pajamas on. In this case, you have to think about how it might impact your sleep and choose the best clothing options possible.

The quality of your pajamas is directly connected to your sleeping quality. Choose sleeping suits made of high-quality materials that are perfectly breathing and are loose enough to allow your blood circulation to be free and uninterrupted. Consider choosing pajamas made of silk, cotton, bamboo, wool, flannel, or linen. These materials are super soft and natural, helping you fall asleep quickly and feel comfortable during the whole night. If possible, look at the weaving of the fabric; I prefer the jersey knits as they are super stretchy and thus highly recommended for comfortable sleeping.

In case you cannot go asleep with no clothes on, but you still want to fall asleep quicker and not wake up during the night, another great wearing option is socks. Wearing socks help you reduce your blood pressure, and thus you fall asleep faster. It also helps your feet skin look young and nourished because wearing socks prevents skin from cracks or dryness. In case you have oily feet skin that easily gets sweaty, socks will absorb part of the produced moisture, protecting your sheets and keeping them clean for a longer period.

While choosing the perfect wearing for a good sleep, it is important to take into account such accessories as sleep masks and earplugs. People who wear this sleeping gear protect their nerves from any outer irritations, and fall asleep quickly. These accessories also protect their sleeping, which results in an increased level of melatonin and better brain rehabilitation during sleep.

How Sleeping Naked Impacts People’s Lives: Questions and Answers

A lot of people ask me how to sleep naked, whether it is beneficial for your health, and how it can improve your well-being. Here, you will find a detailed explanation of the most popular and significant questions about sleeping nude.

Is sleeping naked better for your health?

Although there are numerous reasons to sleep naked, health improvements are the most important and beneficial. Sleeping naked allows you to lower your skin temperature, which helps you get asleep quickly, spend more hours in a deep sleep, and not wake up in the middle of the night. Thus, your brain restores during your sleep; the body produces and releases essential hormones that improve your mental and physical stance, help you lose weight, and speed up your metabolism.

With the absence of any tightness of clothes, your blood circulation is perfect, your calm and deep sleep improves your heart power and lowers down the risk of getting diabetes. Your body starts self-regulating its temperature and gets adapted to the environment, helping you fall asleep easily in any season and any conditions. Sufficient sleep quality improves your emotional health and reduces stress regardless of what is happening around you. Thus, I can say that sleeping naked is actually better for your health.

How many people sleep naked?

In case you are already sleeping in your birth suit, or are about to start sleeping in the buff, you are definitely in a good company. According to a recent survey organized by Mattress Advisor, two-thirds (69%) of Millenials prefer to take their clothes off before going to bed. Compared to these stats, Boomers are more about wearing their sleepsuit on: only 39% are ditching their clothes off before going to sleep.

Naked sleepers also tend to have more sleeping comfort, and they do feel relaxed during sleep. More men are sleeping without pajamas than women, but still more than half of female respondents said they sleep naked. Sleeping naked is also more popular among those in a relationship: 72% of those who sleep in the buff has a partner, while only 50% of single people sleep nude.

Can you lose weight by sleeping naked?

The most popular questions about sleeping nude are “is it healthy to sleep naked” and “how sleeping naked can help you lose weight”. These two queries are closely connected, as a better body shape positively impacts the proper functioning of your organs and vice versa. An optimal sleeping temperature of your skin is approximately 1 degree lower than your normal level. Sleeping naked lowers the skin temperature, and keeping yourself cooler during sleep speeds up your metabolism. Your body produces more brown fat to keep you warm, thus generating more energy than any other organ. The increased metabolism and the sufficient amount of spent energy result in a steady loss of weight. The latter is supported by an increased insulin level due to more brown fat that prevents you from getting belly fat.

What are the benefits of sleeping naked with your partner?


In case you are interested in what are the benefits of sleeping naked with your partner, I can say that the most important is your increased emotional connection. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, which improves your intimate connection. This hormone makes you feel more in love and more relaxed next to your partner, and it also makes your body prepared for sexual interaction. It also stimulates the development of mutual trust in the physical and mental dimensions.

Gaining the Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Your Health and Well-Being

Trying to improve the overall quality of sleeping, people tend to use various sleeping gear, medical recipes, or modern accessories. Here, the simplest and easiest solution you can try anytime is stripping down before going to bed. There is a series of strong reasons people sleep naked that improve your brain work, help you lose weight, and decrease your risk of getting a heart attack or diabetes. At the same time, it improves your relations with your partner, helps you decrease your stress, and just feel better.

I hope all these benefits will make you try sleeping naked. If so, please share the differences you have mentioned after starting to sleep in the buff under this post. In case you are a strong admirer of pajamas or sleepsuits, please share your arguments for wearing clothes when sleeping. Are you feeling better in the pajamas? Or have you experienced the benefits of sleeping naked? Let’s share our thoughts in the comments.

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