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How to Move a Memory Foam Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Moving a memory foam mattress can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know how to do it safely and easily. Whether you’re moving to a new home or just need to rearrange your bedroom, it’s important to know the right way to move a memory foam mattress so you don’t end up damaging it. This article will provide you with helpful tips on how to move a memory foam mattress safely and easily.



Gather Necessary Supplies

Collecting the proper tools and supplies before you start moving your memory foam mattress is essential. Make sure you have a hand truck or dolly, several blankets or moving pads, and plenty of twine or rope to tie the mattress down.

Prepare the Mattress

Once the necessary supplies are gathered, you need to prepare the mattress for moving. First, wrap the mattress in blankets or pads to protect it from dirt and other potential damage during the move.

Prepare the Moving Vehicle

Once the mattress is ready, you need to prepare your vehicle. Make sure the mattress will fit in the trunk or cargo area of the car. Secure the mattress with twine or rope by tying it down to the walls of the cargo area of the car or truck.

Loading the Mattress

Loading The Mattress
Gather the necessary equipment. You will need a strong dolly, packing tape, and a few blankets or moving pads.
Empty the mattress of any bedding. Remove the bedding, such as sheets and pillows, to reduce the weight of the mattress.
Prepare the mattress. Wrap the mattress in a few moving blankets or pads to protect it from dirt and moisture. Secure the blankets or pads with packing tape.

Carry the Mattress

Lift the mattress onto the dolly. Use the handles to lift the mattress onto the dolly. Make sure the mattress is properly balanced on the dolly.
Secure the mattress. Make sure the mattress is stable by using the straps of the dolly to secure it.

Load the Mattress into the Moving Vehicle

Lift the mattress onto the vehicle. Lift the mattress onto the vehicle, either by yourself or with the help of another person.
Secure the mattress. Use ropes or bungee cords to secure the mattress in place. Make sure the mattress is positioned in a way that it won’t move around during the move.

Unloading the Mattress

Unloading The Mattress

Unload the Mattress from the Moving Vehicle

Carefully unload the mattress from the moving vehicle. To avoid any damage, use an appropriate tool such as a dolly or a furniture trolley. It is also important to avoid any sharp objects as they can easily puncture the mattress.

Carry the Mattress

Two people should be used to carry the mattress. One person should hold the bottom of the mattress while the other should hold the top. Make sure that both people are evenly distributing the weight of the mattress.

Unpacking the Mattress

Remove the Packaging

Before you start the process of moving a memory foam mattress, you need to make sure that it is properly unpacked. The packaging of a memory foam mattress usually consists of plastic, cardboard, and tape. Carefully remove all the plastic and cardboard away from the mattress and then take off the tape that is holding it together.

Place the Mattress in the Bed Frame

Once the mattress is unpackaged, it is time to place it in the bed frame. To do this, you will need to align the edges of the mattress with the frame, and then carefully lower it in the frame. Make sure you don’t drop or drag the mattress, as this can damage the memory foam and reduce its lifespan. Once the mattress is in the frame, make sure to properly secure it with the bed frame hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of moving equipment is required to move a Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Rope: It is important to tie the mattress securely and safely during transport.
  • Moving Blankets: These provide extra cushioning and protection for your mattress.
  • Tape: Used to secure the mattress to the moving blankets.
  • Dolly/Hand Truck: Used to transport the mattress from one location to another.
  • Furniture Straps: These are used to secure the mattress to the dolly or hand truck.

It is important to have the right equipment to move a memory foam mattress safely. Having the right equipment will make the process easier and ensure that your mattress is not damaged during the move.

Is it necessary to disassemble the frame of the bed before moving a memory foam mattress?

Yes. Disassembling the frame of the bed is an important part of moving a memory foam mattress safely and easily. It helps decrease the size of the mattress and the weight, making it easier to move. Additionally, it helps minimize the risk of damaging the mattress during the move.

  • Remove the bedding – Start by removing the bedding and any items on the mattress. It’s important to note that memory foam mattresses are quite heavy so it’s best to move them without any additional items on top.
  • Disassemble the frame – Once the bedding is removed, you can start to disassemble the frame of the bed. This includes removing the headboard, footboard, and side rails. Once the frame is disassembled, you can begin to wrap the mattress.
  • Wrap the Mattress – Use moving blankets or furniture pads to wrap the mattress. This will protect the mattress from any dirt, dust, or debris that may accumulate during the move. It will also provide an extra layer of cushioning. Make sure that the mattress is fully wrapped and secured with tape.
  • Load the Mattress – Once the mattress is wrapped, you can begin to load it onto the truck or trailer. Make sure that the mattress is properly secured in place with straps, ratchet straps, or rope. This will help ensure that the mattress doesn’t move during transit.

Disassembling the frame of the bed is an important step in moving a memory foam mattress. It helps decrease the size and weight of the mattress, making it easier and safer to move. Additionally, it will help protect the mattress from dirt, dust, and debris that may accumulate during the move.

Can a Memory Foam Mattress be Moved Without a Mattress Cover?

Yes, it is possible to move a memory foam mattress without a mattress cover. However, it is strongly recommended to use a mattress cover to protect the mattress from dust and dirt during the moving process. A mattress cover also helps to keep the mattress clean and free from damage.

How should a Memory Foam Mattress be Transported?

  • Secure the Mattress: Wrap the mattress in thick plastic or a mattress bag, and use ties or rope to secure the mattress to a flat surface, such as the roof of a car or the side of a moving truck.
  • Provide Cushioning: Place blankets or other soft items underneath, on top of, and around the mattress to provide extra cushioning and protection.
  • Keep Mattress Upright: Make sure the mattress stays in an upright position during transport to avoid damage.
  • Drive Safely: Be mindful of speed bumps, potholes, and other road hazards that could cause the mattress to move or bang against the sides of the vehicle.

How Can I Make Sure the Memory Foam Mattress Remains Intact During the Move?

  • Use a Mattress Bag: Invest in a mattress bag that is designed specifically for memory foam mattresses. This will help to protect the material from dirt, dust, and other debris during the move.
  • Secure the Mattress: Secure the mattress to the moving truck or vehicle with rope or straps. This will help to prevent the mattress from shifting during the move.
  • Pack the Mattress Properly: Ensure that the mattress is packed tightly and securely. Place the mattress in a box and use packing materials, like blankets and bubble wrap, to help keep it from shifting and protect it from damage.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Memory foam mattresses are sensitive to extreme temperatures. To ensure that the mattress remains in good condition, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures during the move.


Moving a memory foam mattress is possible with the right equipment and preparation. Use a sturdy mattress bag and a dolly or two people to move the mattress safely. Use caution when maneuvering the mattress and avoid dragging it across the floor. If possible, disassemble the bed frame and move it separately. Finally, make sure the mattress is fully inflated and ready to use when it arrives at its destination.


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