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Healthy sleep requires numerous rituals may seem too casual for many people to pay proper attention to them. My job here is to offer you various options of sleep rituals so that you could find the ones that suit you

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My name is Catherine Rodgers. I am a certified therapist. The area of my study includes sleep medicine as well. I’ve chosen this field of research not by chance. For years I’ve suffered from insomnia, and have been trying various medicines, including sleeping techniques, natural remedies, and even hypnosis. According to my observations, the quality of sleep depends on numerous external and internal factors that may seem irrelevant at first sight.

After retirement, I decided to start this blog. My main goal is to help people who suffer from insomnia, people who are ready to change their whole lifestyle to get a healthy sleep. If you are one of them, here you will find plenty of useful information about healthy sleeping routines: from bed linens and earplugs to herbal teas and breathing techniques.

Catherine Rodgers

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Back pain is a big problem that affects almost half of adults in the US. This condition is contributed by various factors like overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and other health conditions. Regardless of the cause, maintaining the right posture while sitting or sleeping can help to alleviate the ...

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The stressful pace of life in a modern city affects you and knocks down your biorhythms. As a result, you become gloomy, nervous, and irritable. The calming melodic music helps to return the lost peace and inner harmony, which creates excellent conditions for falling asleep and restoration of ...

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Sleep is extremely important. However, in most cases, it could be interrupted by accident. So many thoughts and sounds like snoring can interfere with your precious sleep leaving you sleepless for hours. You’re often left wondering how you’ll catch some quality sleep again. There are many ways you ...

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It is important to sleep properly to be healthy and maintain general well-being. Besides, enough sleep makes you more attentive and increase your level of creativity. Sleep deficiency has many negative consequences, including suffering from heart diseases.People think that sleeping aids work ...


Sleep Cycle Specifics and Effects

Sleep Cycle Specifics and Effects

Sleep is essential for a healthy body and brain development. However, having suffered from insomnia at a young age, I can clearly understand the problems and challenges of those having sleep-related issues. My insomnia situation compelled me to study medicine and, eventually, venture into therapy. ...

Pack and Play Mattress: an Expert Review

When your child sleeps well, they become healthier. In the end, you are more comfortable, and you spend less on medical bills. Ensuring that the baby sleeps comfortably is a significant part of being a parent. For times when your baby sleeps away from home, you need a good size of Graco pack n play ...

Sleep Apnea: Reasons Why You Should Take It Seriously

Even though there’s not much information about this condition, a significant number of people suffer from this disorder. Imagine you are experiencing a worrisome condition that, even though it can be treated, you don’t know much about. Sleep apnea is a nap disorder that entails recurrent ...

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