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Unboxing the Nectar Mattress: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Unboxing a new Nectar Mattress can be an exciting, yet intimidating process. Whether you are replacing an old mattress or setting up a new bedroom, understanding how to unbox a Nectar Mattress is key. This step-by-step guide will help you unbox and set up your Nectar Mattress with ease, so you can rest easy and enjoy your new sleep experience.

What You’ll Need

What You'Ll Need

  • Nectar Mattress
  • Box Cutter or Scissors
  • Flat Surface

You need a Nectar Mattress, a box cutter or scissors, and a flat surface to unpack your new Nectar Mattress.

Unboxing the Mattress

Unboxing The Mattress

  • Remove the plastic wrap from the mattress and discard. Make sure to take out the mattress carefully so that it does not tear.
  • Unfold the mattress onto the bed frame or other supported surface.
  • Cut open the plastic surrounding the mattress and discard. Do not peel away the plastic.
  • Allow the mattress to expand and air out for up to 24 hours.
  • Sleep on the mattress as soon as it is fully expanded and aired out.

Unpacking the Mattress

Unpacking The Mattress

Once you have removed the plastic wrapping, carefully remove the mattress from the box. You may need help for this step, as the mattress is heavy. Carefully place the mattress on the bed frame or other flat surface.

Remove the two rolls of foam from the mattress. Using scissors, carefully cut open the outer plastic wrapping. Unroll the foam layers, and they will expand to their full size. Place the foam layers on top of the mattress.

Once the foam is in position, take off the top layer of quilted fabric. This will reveal the comfort layer of the mattress. Use the plastic tabs to carefully remove the cover.

Now your mattress is ready to use! Make sure to let it sit for at least 24 hours before sleeping on it, as it will continue to expand over time. Enjoy your new Nectar mattress!

Removing the Packaging

Removing The Packaging

Steps Instructions
1 Carefully cut the plastic wrap that is wrapped around the box.
2 Pull the plastic wrap away from the box and discard it.
3 Remove the top of the box and set it aside.
4 Slide the mattress out of the box.
5 Remove the plastic wrapping by cutting it and discard it.
6 Unroll the mattress.

Setting Up the Mattress

Setting Up The Mattress

  • Unroll and Unfold – Carefully unroll the mattress from its box and unfold it onto the bed frame. Make sure it is centered and straight.
  • Expansion Process – The mattress will begin to expand when it’s unpacked. It may take up to 72 hours for the mattress to reach its full size and comfort level.
  • Odor – Nectar mattresses are tightly packed for shipping, which can cause a slight odor when first opened. This is normal and will dissipate quickly. To speed up the process, open the windows, turn on a fan, and allow the mattress to air out.
  • Rotating – To ensure even wear, rotate your Nectar mattress every three months. This helps to extend its lifespan and maintain its comfort.
  • Sheets – Once the mattress has fully expanded, it’s time to add sheets. For the most comfortable sleep experience, choose sheets that are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

Unrolling the Mattress

Unrolling The Mattress

Once you have the mattress out of its packaging and in the room of your choice, you’re ready to unroll it. Make sure you lay it out on a flat surface, preferably on the floor or foundation it is intended to rest on. Unrolling the mattress is the best way to get it ready for sleeping.

Step 1: Carefully remove the outer plastic wrapping, taking care not to tear it.

Step 2: Slowly unroll the mattress onto its intended resting surface. It’s important to unroll it slowly and carefully, as it is still quite tightly compressed and could cause injury if unrolled too quickly.

Step 3: Once the mattress is unrolled, you will find that it is still quite compressed. To let it expand fully, simply leave it for a few hours.

Step 4: After a few hours, the mattress should be fully expanded and ready for use. To ensure it is ready, you can use a tape measure to check that its dimensions are accurate.

Step Description
1 Carefully remove the outer plastic wrapping
2 Slowly unroll the mattress onto its intended resting surface
3 Leave it for a few hours to let it expand fully
4 Use a tape measure to check that its dimensions are accurate

Allowing the Mattress to Expand

Allowing The Mattress To Expand

Once your Nectar mattress is out of the box, it’s time to let it expand. It is best to leave it in the room it will be used in as it may take up to 24 hours to fully decompress and reach its full size. During this time, it is normal to see the mattress expanding and taking its shape. Make sure to keep the mattress away from direct sunlight or any heat source. As this can damage the mattress. After 24 hours, the mattress will have reached its full size and you can start using it.

It is recommended to use the mattress for at least a week before deciding if it is the right fit for you. If you find that the mattress isn’t the right fit for you, Nectar offers a 365-night sleep trial so you can exchange or return the mattress for a full refund.

Finishing Touches

Now that the mattress is unboxed and unwrapped, it’s time for the finishing touches. Place the mattress on the bed frame and make sure it fits properly. If the mattress is slightly bigger than the frame, use a mattress pad to fill in the gaps. Once the mattress is in place, add your sheets and pillows. Make sure to use quality bedding that is designed for comfort and breathability. Finally, add any other decorations or accessories that will make the bed look inviting and cozy.

Once the unboxing of the Nectar Mattress is finished, the bed is ready to be used. Enjoy a good night’s rest and take advantage of the mattress’ comfort and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Will I Need to Unbox a Nectar Mattress?

  • Box Cutter: To cut open the plastic packaging of the mattress.
  • Mattress Lifters: To help maneuver and move the mattress before and after installation.
  • Power Drill & Screwdriver: To attach the legs and slats to the bed frame.
  • Measuring Tape: To ensure that the bed frame is the right size for your mattress.

How long does it typically take to unbox and set up a Nectar mattress?

Unboxing: Unboxing a Nectar mattress typically takes 10-15 minutes.

Assembly: Once unboxed, it takes an additional 10-15 minutes to assemble your Nectar mattress. This includes cutting away the plastic, unrolling the mattress, and allowing it to reach its full size.

Can I Unbox and Set Up a Nectar Mattress by Myself?

Yes. Unboxing and setting up a Nectar mattress is a relatively easy process that can be completed by one person. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Unseal the box and carefully remove the mattress from its packaging.
  • Carefully place the mattress on the foundation, making sure the edges are aligned properly.
  • Gently cut away the plastic wrap.
  • The mattress will expand to its full size in a few minutes.
  • Adjust the mattress to your desired level of firmness.
  • Enjoy your new Nectar mattress!

Is there a warranty that comes with a Nectar mattress?

Yes, the Nectar mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and provides coverage for the mattress for as long as you own it. Here’s what you need to know about the Nectar mattress warranty:

  • It covers any manufacturing defects, including visible indentations or sagging greater than 1.5 inches.
  • It only covers the mattress itself and not any other components such as the foundation or frame.
  • It is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser.
  • Any repairs or replacements under the warranty will be at the discretion of the company.
  • The warranty is void if the mattress is used in an inappropriate manner or if it is sold or given away to someone else.

If you have any questions about the Nectar mattress warranty, you can contact the company directly for more information.

Does the Nectar Mattress Come with Any Additional Accessories?

The Nectar mattress comes with two Nectar Pillows and a mattress protector as part of the package. It also includes a welcome guide and a Nectar-branded box cutter for easy opening of the box.


Unboxing and setting up a Nectar mattress is a fairly straightforward process. It can be completed in around 30 minutes, depending on the size and how many people are helping. Following the steps above will make the job much easier and ensure that the mattress is ready for use as quickly as possible.


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