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Uncover the Secret: Where is Saatva Mattress Made?

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Are you wondering where Saatva mattresses are made? With the increased popularity of online mattress companies, many shoppers are now looking to purchase mattresses online. One of the most popular online mattress companies is Saatva, and shoppers may be interested in finding out where their mattresses are made. In this article, we will explore the production process of Saatva mattresses and answer the question, “Where is Saatva mattress made?”

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Where Are Saatva Mattresses Made?

Saatva mattresses are manufactured in the U.S.A. in three separate factories, located in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Mississippi. Each factory produces components of the mattress, then ships them to the final assembly facility in Houston, Texas, where the mattresses are assembled and shipped to customers.

What State Are Saatva Mattresses Made?

Saatva mattresses are made in the United States, specifically in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Texas. The components of the mattress are produced in the three factories located in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Mississippi. The components are then shipped to the final assembly facility in Houston, Texas, where the mattresses are assembled and shipped to customers.

Quality Control

Quality Control

  • Saatva Mattresses are constructed with quality materials – Saatva mattresses are constructed with quality materials, such as CertiPUR-US® certified foam, coil-on-coil inner-spring support, and natural New Zealand wool. These high-quality materials provide superior comfort, durability, and breathability.
  • Multiple levels of quality control – Saatva mattresses are subject to multiple levels of quality control, from the initial design and materials selection, to the final assembly. The company employs experienced mattress makers who inspect each mattress for quality and consistency.
  • Rigorous testing – In addition to quality control during the production process, Saatva mattresses are rigorously tested for performance, durability, safety, and comfort. This includes conducting pressure tests, temperature tests, and other tests that simulate how the mattress will perform in real-world conditions.
  • Certified by third-party organizations – Saatva mattresses are certified by third-party organizations, such as the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), to ensure that they meet the highest standards for safety and performance.

Materials Used

Materials Used

Steel Coils

Saatva mattresses are composed of steel coils for optimal support and durability. The coils are wrapped with layers of organic cotton and eco-friendly foam for comfort.

Organic Cotton

Saatva mattresses are made with organic cotton that is breathable and free from any toxic substances. The organic cotton is quilted with a layer of eco-friendly foam for added comfort.

Eco-Friendly Foam

The eco-friendly foam used in Saatva mattresses is designed to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support. It is made without any harsh chemicals, making it ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.

In-Home Delivery and Setup

In-Home Delivery And Setup

Saatva offers in-home delivery and setup of their mattresses. Delivery is free and they will unbox and set up the mattress in your bedroom. The delivery team will also take away your old mattress, free of charge.

You can also opt for white glove delivery, which includes a professional mattress setup, mattress inspection, mattress removal, and disposal of the old mattress. This service costs an additional fee.

The Delivery Team will deliver your Saatva mattress to your bedroom, unbox it, setup and inspect it. They will also remove the old mattress from your bedroom, if requested. Once the setup is complete, the Delivery Team will leave the bedroom and the mattress is ready for use. They will also remove and dispose of your old mattress.

Standard In-Home Delivery White Glove Delivery
Delivery to your bedroom Delivery to your bedroom
Unbox and setup mattress Unbox and setup mattress
Mattress inspection Mattress inspection
Mattress removal Mattress removal and disposal

Saatva’s Warranty

Saatva'S Warranty

  • 15-Year Warranty: Saatva offers a 15-year warranty on all its mattresses. This is one of the longest warranties in the mattress industry, and it covers manufacturing defects, sagging, and indentations greater than 1.5 inches.
  • Non-Prorated: This warranty is also non-prorated, meaning you don’t have to pay anything for repairs or replacements. This is a great feature, as most warranties require customers to pay a percentage of the cost for repairs or replacements.
  • Free Shipping and Returns: Saatva also offers free shipping and returns on all mattresses. If you’re not happy with your mattress, you can return it at no cost.
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee: Saatva also offers a lifetime comfort guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress for any reason, Saatva will exchange it for a different model at no additional charge.

Saatva’s 15-year warranty is one of the best in the mattress industry, and it’s backed by their lifetime comfort guarantee. With free shipping and returns, you can rest assured knowing that you have one of the best warranties available when you buy a Saatva mattress.

Benefits of a Saatva Mattress

Benefits Of A Saatva Mattress

Comfort: The Saatva mattress is designed with a comfort layer of memory foam, individually pocketed coils, and a lumbar-support layer. This combination provides great comfort for a variety of sleepers.

Durability: The Saatva mattress is designed with a heavy-duty steel coil base, which helps to ensure the mattress will last for years.

Support: The individually pocketed coils in the Saatva mattress provide excellent contouring and support. The lumbar-support layer also helps to support the lower back and provide extra pressure relief.

Cooling: The Saatva mattress is designed with a breathable organic cotton cover and an air-permeable foam comfort layer. This helps to keep the mattress cool and comfortable.

Affordability: The Saatva mattress is more affordable than many other mattress brands. Its reasonable pricing makes it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Warranty: The Saatva mattress comes with a 15-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. This is one of the longest warranties available for a mattress.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used in the construction of Saatva mattresses?

  • Coil System: Saatva mattresses feature a patented dual-coil system of individually pocketed coils. The base layer is made up of heavy-gauge steel coils that are designed to provide support, while the top layer consists of mini coils that help with contouring and lumbar support.
  • Layers of Comfort Foam: Saatva mattresses also feature layers of comfort foam that help provide cushioning and contouring. The foams are typically made of polyurethane, which is highly breathable and helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Organic Cotton Cover: Saatva mattresses feature an organic cotton cover that is designed to help keep the mattress cool and comfortable. The cover is also treated with a fire-resistant barrier that meets all federal flammability standards.
  • Luxury Euro Pillow Top: The Luxury Euro Pillow Top is made with a quilted layer of foam and organic cotton fabric, providing an extra layer of cushioning and softness.

How Long Does a Saatva Mattress Last?

Saatva mattresses are designed to last for a long time, with a lifespan of up to 15 years. They are made with durable materials, so they should withstand regular use over time. Here’s what you can expect from a Saatva mattress:

  • High quality construction and materials that are designed to last.
  • A supportive feel that won’t sag or become uncomfortable over time.
  • No more than two inches of sagging or indentation over the mattress’s lifetime.
  • No need to flip or rotate the mattress.
  • A warranty that covers any manufacturing defects for 15 years.

Saatva mattresses are also made to be breathable and comfortable, with features like breathable organic cotton covers and individually wrapped coils for extra support. With proper care and maintenance, a Saatva mattress should provide excellent comfort and support for many years to come.

Does Saatva offer a warranty for their mattresses?

Yes, Saatva offers a generous warranty for their mattresses. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects and structural issues that may occur within the warranty period. The warranty is as follows:

  • 15-year non-prorated warranty
  • 2-year prorated warranty

The 15-year non-prorated warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials that occur during the first 15 years of ownership, and the warranty is fully transferable during this period. The 2-year prorated warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials that occur after the 15-year period has expired, and the warranty is prorated over the remaining 2 years of the warranty.

Is Saatva Mattress Construction Certified?

Yes, Saatva mattresses are certified by the CertiPUR-US® program, which is a third-party certification program that tests for emissions, content, and durability. This certification ensures that Saatva mattresses are made with materials that are free of any potentially harmful substances. Additionally, the mattresses are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Does Saatva Offer a Trial Period for Their Mattresses?

Yes. Saatva offers a generous trial period of 180 nights for their mattresses. During the trial period, you can sleep on the mattress and if you’re not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.

  • Trial period is 180 nights.
  • If unsatisfied, you can return it for a full refund.
  • Trial period starts from the day of delivery.
  • Trial period is limited to one mattress per household.
  • If you are outside the trial period, Saatva offers a Comfort+ Adjustment Period.

The trial period starts from the day of delivery, and is limited to one mattress per household. After the trial period ends, Saatva offers a Comfort+ Adjustment Period, which provides an additional 3-month window to make comfort adjustments. If you’re still not satisfied, Saatva will provide a full refund, minus a $99 transportation fee.


Saatva mattresses are made in the USA, using eco-friendly materials and processes. Their mattresses are handcrafted and certified for excellent quality, and come with a 180-night trial period and a 15-year warranty. With this in mind, Saatva mattresses are a great option for those looking for an eco-friendly, high-quality mattress.


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