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Donate Your Mattress and Help Those in Need: Where to Donate Your Mattress Today

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Are you searching for the best places to donate a mattress? It can be difficult to know where to donate your mattress, especially if you don’t have a local charity in mind. Luckily, there are many organizations that accept mattress donations and are dedicated to helping people in need. In this article, we will discuss the five best places to donate a mattress and how you can make a difference in someone’s life. From homeless shelters to charities, we will cover all the best places to donate a mattress so you can make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

What to Look for in a Mattress Donation Location

What To Look For In A Mattress Donation Location
When looking for a place to donate your mattress, there are several factors to consider. The most important is whether or not the organization accepts mattress donations. Some may only accept gently used mattresses, while others may accept any type of mattress as long as it is still in good condition. Make sure to check with the organization to see what their specific requirements are prior to donating. Additionally, it is important to find out if the organization will pick up the mattress or if you will need to drop it off.

Guidelines for Donation

When donating a mattress, it is important to make sure that it is in good condition and free of any bed bugs, stains, or other damage. If the mattress is too old or damaged, it is best to dispose of it rather than donate it. Additionally, you should always keep a record of the donation to receive a tax deduction.

Qualifying Organizations

When looking for a place to donate your mattress, there are many organizations that accept mattress donations. Local charities, homeless shelters, veterans’ organizations, and churches are all great places to donate a mattress. Additionally, there are national organizations such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill that take mattress donations. Be sure to check with the organization prior to donating to make sure that they accept mattresses and follow their guidelines for donations.

Where to Donate Mattress

Where To Donate Mattress

Local Organizations

Local homeless shelters and charities are the best places to donate used mattresses. Check with your local community service organizations to see if they accept mattress donations and arrange for a pickup. Some organizations may even pick up the mattress from your home.
Salvation Army: The Salvation Army accepts mattress donations and will pick up donations from your home. Donated mattresses should be in good condition and without tears or stains.
Habitat for Humanity: Habitat for Humanity has a ReStore network across the country where donated mattresses are sold to raise money to build houses. You can search for a ReStore near you on the organization’s website.
Furniture Banks: Numerous furniture banks and charities accept mattress donations, including beds, box springs, and mattresses. You can search for a local furniture bank near you by using the search bar on the National Furniture Bank Association’s website.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters are an excellent way to donate your old mattress and help those in need. Homeless shelters provide temporary and permanent housing for the homeless, and many accept mattress donations. By donating an old mattress to a homeless shelter, you will help provide a safe and comfortable place for those who are less fortunate.

  • Many homeless shelters accept donations of gently used mattresses, box springs, and bed frames.
  • These donations are used to provide a place for the homeless to sleep, rest, and recuperate.
  • Donating a mattress to a homeless shelter is a great way to give back to the community and help those in need.
  • Many shelters will also accept donations of bedding, pillows, and blankets.
  • When donating a mattress to a homeless shelter, be sure to clean it thoroughly and wrap it in plastic to protect it from dust and dirt.

If you’re looking for a place to donate a where to donate old mattress, consider donating it to a homeless shelter. Homeless shelters provide a safe and comfortable place for those who are less fortunate, and your mattress donation can help make a difference.



National Organizations

Goodwill is a great option for donating used mattresses, as well as other furniture and household goods. Donations are tax-deductible and help support the charity’s mission of providing job training and other services to help people overcome challenges and find work. The Salvation Army also accepts donations of mattresses and other home goods, and uses them to support its mission of providing support to those in need.

Local Organizations

For those looking to make a more direct impact in their community, consider donating a mattress to a local charity. Churches and other religious organizations often run donation drives that help people in need furnish their homes. Additionally, homeless shelters and other organizations that serve the homeless population often accept mattress donations.

Recycling Programs

If a mattress is too worn or damaged to donate, consider recycling it instead of throwing it away. Many cities have programs in place to help people recycle old mattresses. Check with your local city government to find out what recycling options are available in your area.

Online Resources

For those who want to donate a mattress but are unable to bring it to a donation center, there are a number of online resources that can help. Freecycle and Craigslist are two popular options for finding people in need of a mattress in your area. Additionally, many cities have Facebook groups dedicated to helping people donate and find items in need.

Benefits of Donating a Mattress

  • Do Good: Donating a mattress to those in need is a great way to do some good and help those in your community or around the world. Every little bit helps!
  • Cost Savings: Donating a mattress is often a much more cost-effective option than disposing of it in the trash, as many mattress removal companies charge hefty fees to take away and dispose of old beds.
  • Reduced Waste: Mattresses are often bulky, taking up lots of space in landfills when discarded. By donating a mattress, you can help reduce the amount of waste and help preserve the environment.
  • Tax Benefits: Depending on the organization you donate to, you may be able to write off the mattress donation and receive a tax deduction.

For those who are looking to donate their mattress, there are many options available. From charities and religious organizations to shelters and thrift stores, there are a myriad of places that accept used mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mattress donations do these organizations accept?

These organizations generally accept new and gently used mattresses in good condition. Some may have restrictions on mattress types (for example, no water beds), and may require a mattress cover or mattress pad to be included with the donation. Additionally, some organizations may also accept box springs and bed frames.

Are There Any Special Requirements When Donating a Mattress?

Yes, there are some special requirements for donating a mattress:

  • The mattress should be in good condition, free of any stains or tears.
  • It should be free from bedbugs or any other pests.
  • The mattress should not have been used for more than two years.
  • It should be properly cleaned and disinfected before donating.
  • It should be neatly wrapped in plastic before donating.

Donating a mattress can be a great way to help those in need. However, it is important to make sure that the mattress is in good condition and meets the special requirements mentioned above.

How do I know that my mattress donation will be put to good use?

1. Check the organization’s mission and goals – Before donating your mattress, take a look at the organization’s mission statement to make sure they are focused on helping those in need.

2. Research their track record – If the organization has been in operation for a while, you can research their track record to see how they have helped people in the past. Read reviews, testimonials, and ask around to see what others have to say about the organization.

3. See if they are a registered charity – Make sure the organization is a registered charity with the government to ensure your donation will be put to good use.

4. Speak with their staff – If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the organization and speak to their staff. They should be able to answer any questions and provide you with information regarding how your donation will be used.

5. Follow up on your donation – After donating your mattress, follow up to see how it was used and the impact it had. This can help you make sure your donation was put to good use.

How long does it usually take for my mattress donation to reach its intended recipient?

  • Local Organizations: It typically takes 1-2 weeks for your mattress donation to reach its local recipient.
  • National Charities: Depending on the organization, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months for a mattress donation to make its way to its recipient.
  • Homeless Shelters: Most homeless shelters accept mattress donations on a rolling basis. Depending on the size of the donation, a mattress can take anywhere from one week to several months to reach its final destination.
  • Thrift Stores: Depending on the thrift store, it typically takes 2-4 weeks for your mattress to make its way to its final destination.
  • Online Platforms: Online platforms such as Craigslist or Freecycle can take anywhere from one week to several months for your mattress donation to make its way to its recipient.

Are there any additional costs associated with donating a mattress?

Yes. Depending on the organization, some additional costs may be associated with donating a mattress. These costs could include:

  • Pick up fee: Some organizations may charge a fee for picking up the mattress.
  • Delivery fee: If you choose to have the mattress delivered, you may incur an additional fee.
  • Cleaning fee: Some organizations may charge a fee for cleaning the mattress.
  • Storage fee: If you’re unable to deliver the mattress yourself, you may incur a storage fee.

Be sure to ask the organization you’re donating to about any additional fees before you donate.


Donating a mattress is an excellent way to help others in need. There are a variety of organizations and charities who accept mattress donations and will put them to good use. From Goodwill to Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity to Mattress Recycling Council, donating a mattress can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Donating a mattress is a great way to give back to the community and make a positive impact.


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