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Best Medium Firm Mattress for the Most Comfortable Sleep

Medium Firm Mattress
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We all know about the paramount importance of quality sleep that defines our health, wellbeing, productivity level, and even our mood. Getting good rest is crucial, and we need to take extra care of the bed we sleep on as well as of the mattress. If you choose good high-quality products, you will have a healthy sleep and a well-rested mind and body. In case you choose the wrong mattress, you will get backaches, sleepless nights, spoiled mood, and zero energy level.

I have suffered from insomnia for a very long period of time. I have tried various pills, medicines, therapies, but eventually, I figured out that one of the reasons for my bad sleep was a low-quality mattress. I changed a few ones, and through trial and error, I found the best mattresses on the market that helped me to establish a quality sleeping routine. That’s why I have decided to share my experience with you and provide you with the list of the best medium firm mattresses that you should certainly consider purchasing for yourself. In addition, you will find out what type of mattress is appropriate for you and how to choose the perfect one.

Top 6 Medium Firm Mattresses to Choose From

medium firm mattress

Here is my list of the most amazing and comfortable mattresses you should purchase for yourself. I have provided a detailed description of each item as well as its main pros and cons to facilitate the decision-making process. Keep reading to pick your next mattress.

Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress

To your attention, the top-rated medium firm mattress that I have purchased for myself and can certainly recommend this one for you. This one is presented by a pretty renowned brand that offers all the variety of top-notch mattresses; this mattress became my favorite and changed the way I sleep. There are different size options, so you will be able to find the one suitable for your bed.

This great mattress will provide your body with effective support and will be soft enough at the same time. Memory foam will make your rest cozy and comfortable as it will get the shape of your body to make you feel as you are sleeping on clouds. It will minimize pressure and muscle tension in order to relax your body after a long working day.

The product is made of three layers. The first one is the memory foam layer that gets the shape of your body to minimize curves. The second one is a plush comfort layer that gives you the feeling of softness and coziness. The last one is made of internal springs that will serve as firm support for your back while sleeping.

This item can be easily delivered and placed at your house as it will be rolled and packed in a box, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around. This is the best affordable option that will be a perfect match for kids’ bedroom or guestroom. This is the most comfortable mattress that you can get for such a reasonable price.


  • Great price;
  • Extremely comfortable;
  • Different size option;
  • Soft and cozy;
  • Great for your back and body.


  • None detected.

LUCID 12 Inch Twin XL Latex Medium Firm King Size Mattress — Memory Foam Temperature Neutral

Here is another great product that you should consider purchasing for yourself. This model has also been chosen by thousands of people, and you can be the next one to own this great item that will grant you healthy sleep. The manufacturer offers the main size options, so you can feel free to choose the one that will be a match for your bed. This amazing item has collected so many positive reviews, so I had no chance but to include it on my list of top picks.

This amazing king size mattress will relieve the pressure in your body, and you will get the most healthy and comfortable sleep. Its temperature remains neutral, so you will sleep in a cool bed even when it’s hot outside. The manufacturer has used only high-quality materials to give you the luxurious pleasure of sleeping well.

Unlike the previous model, instead of using internal springs, this mattress has supportive coils that will give you even more comfort and body support. It also gives motion isolation.

Coils enable the airflow; memory foam responds to each body movement while making your sleep as cozy as possible. The mattress is protected with a durable knit fabric that will save it from damage, thus it will serve you for years. I certainly recommend this one as it combines quality materials, sufficient support, and enough plush memory foam for the best body and back comfort.


  • Temperature neutral;
  • Memory foam;
  • Various sizes;
  • Effective body support.


  • More pricey.

Twin XL Mattress, Inofia Responsive Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is another option that you should consider purchasing for your home. It will be perfect for your bedroom, and you can pick exactly the size you are looking for. The first thing to mention about this item is that it can be easily delivered and transported in a box so you won’t have trouble when moving your mattress around. It takes approximately two days for the mattress to expand and get the shape needed after unpacking.

The material is extremely breathable, and the surface will stay cool. This mattress will be perfect, especially when it’s hot outside. It has an effectively self-regulated temperature; the mattress also absorbs the moisture during the night. Encased coils that give you support also create a comfortable sleeping zone and minimize motion. The mattress is firm enough to provide your body with the support needed. You will never experience back pain caused by low-quality mattress.

Memory foam is made of safe materials without adding harmful substances. The surface is pretty bouncy that will make your sleep more peaceful. The mattress is covered with quality fabric that will effectively prevent its deterioration.

The price is a little bit higher than average, but it will be a worthy investment in your healthy sleep. After purchasing this model, you will feel positive improvements in your sleep quality, and your body will experience less pressure and tension. This one is perfect, so your body and mind can get good rest.


  • Easy to deliver and transport;
  • Cool to sleep on;
  • Memory foam;
  • Movement isolation;
  • Effective support.


  • Can be too soft.

AmazonBasics Cooling Gel Memory Foam — Medium Firm Mattress Queen

This mattress is designed by a renowned brand that offers top-notch quality items, and this one is worth your attention. The model is hypoallergenic, which is a crucial characteristic for people who suffer from allergies. The mattress is delivered in a vacuum package. Keep in mind that it will take up to three days until it gets the needed shape and height.

The mattress includes three layers. The first one is memory foam that has a cooling effect and will regulate the temperature so you feel as comfy and chilly as possible. The second layer is the supportive one that holds your body effectively without causing any discomfort. In addition, this layer is extremely breathable and enables the airflow that makes the cooling effect possible. The last third layer is the most durable that creates a base of this mattress. It’s covered with soft material that gives you this smooth feeling. A night of restful sleep is guaranteed.

The memory foam will grant your body the full support and comfort as it takes its shape to provide the best sleep at night. It will be suitable for your bedroom as well as for the kids’ room, or guest room, so don’t even hesitate to get this one for your home. The item is made in the USA and has all the required certifications. I would purchase this one for myself as I believe this is one of the best mattresses available on the market today.


  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Breathable material;
  • Great support;
  • Soft and cozy;
  • Easy to unpack.


  • Expensive.

Queen Sweetnight Queen Size — Best Medium Firm Mattress for Back Pain

This one is also among my favorite items that I have managed to find online. It’s worth noting that this mattress will be a perfect choice in case you have back pains after the night as it gives sufficient support to provide your body with the most healthy position during sleep. This model will give you the sweetest comfort and will keep your back healthy.

This mattress is a combination of innerspring and memory foam that gives you enough density without a feeling of drowning. The gel foam will allow the mattress to adjust to your body shape and weight as well as temperature to provide you with the highest level of comfort. One more thing to mention about this amazing model is that it has a motion isolation effect that won’t let you disturb your partner during the night. There are two separate pockets that make it impossible to transfer motion between partners, and the weight will be equally distributed on both sides of a bed.

The model will adjust to your body curves, and you will be able not only to get quality rest at night but to be productive and happy during the day time. The mattress will help you relieve any pressure and tension in your body for complete relaxation. The model is also anti-allergic, and you can be sure that it will be suitable for you even if you have an allergy. If you want to feel well-rested and refreshed, then this is the best choice for you.


  • A great choice for back pain;
  • Sufficient support;
  • Soft coverage;
  • Memory foam;
  • Motion isolation.


  • Fewer size options.

Queen Mattress — Best Medium Firm Mattress with Memory Foam

Here is the last but certainly not the least option on my list of top mattresses you can choose for yourself. The gel foam gives you all the support needed for your body comfort. The pressure will be minimized, and you will be able to get full quality rest.

I can easily recommend this one as it will give you all the durability and sufficient firmness for the most amazing sleep. The manufacturer guarantees long-lasting durability, so the model will serve you for years.

If you feel tired and stressed in the evening with this great mattress, you will feel completely refreshed in the morning. Memory gel foam excellently adjusts to your body shape and weight to ensure the feeling of floating on clouds. This one is fully hypoallergenic and can be a perfect match for any household.

There are no harmful ingredients added so you can be sure you are sleeping on a safe surface. The mattress is made of highly breathable materials that enable the airflow and will keep you cool during the night. It will also keep all the moisture away to prevent the growth of any bacteria or odor.

From now on, you will be able to enjoy your healthy sleep without overheating as the temperature will also be regulated by the smart mattress layers. This model grants sufficient support for your back, so you will never experience any tension or pain.


  • Smart shipping;
  • Memory gel foam;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Quality body support.


  • Softer than expected.

Everything You Need to Know About a Quality Mattress

I have many questions from my patients, as well as readers that are related to mattresses. In this section, I have gathered the most commonly asked questions on this topic and gave the answers so you can choose the most appropriate type of mattress for you. Let’s get it started!

There is all the variety of mattress options on the market, as well as their firmness. You can find soft, medium, firm, medium-firm, and firm mattresses. While choosing a mattress, you need to mind your comfort and pick the appropriate firmness level.
A medium-firm one will give you enough support, so you don’t experience backaches but still feel comfortable and cozy in your bed as this type of mattress has enough plush to provide you with the soft touch with sufficient body support.

The main difference between these two types is the level of firmness. A firm mattress usually has no or little plush. Its surface is very hard, it rarely changes its shape and doesn’t give a feeling of sinking.

It will be perfect for people who sleep on their back or stomach. A medium mattress gives you more comfort as it’s much softer with additional plush that will allow you to relax and sink in the softness of your bed during the night.

One of the most important things while choosing a perfect mattress is your comfort. You have to choose the one that you will enjoy sleeping in. However, if you usually sleep on your side, you need to pay attention to the medium mattress. If you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, doctors recommend choosing the firm one as you need extra support.

Also, you need to consider your weight. For people who weigh less than 130 lbs, a medium mattress can be perfect; for people with weight up to 230 lbs, a medium firm model can be applicable, and for people who weigh over 230 lbs, it’s recommended to choose the firm mattress only, for the best comfort and support.

Final Thoughts

best medium firm mattress

Healthy sleep is crucial for our daily activity, productivity, and overall well being. Therefore, you need to take extra care of the mattress you sleep on as it defines the quality of your sleep. If you have back problems, a low-quality mattress can even worsen the situation, and if you don’t have any issues, chances are it’s not for long. Therefore, I have decided to share my experience and let you know about the most amazing comfortable items available on the market that will grant you the coziest and comfy sleep ever.

Choose the one that you like the most and make your first step towards healthy sleep. With my top picks, you will feel yourself floating in the clouds.

Now, I would be happy to hear from you. Leave your comments below and share your opinion. Do you have any problems with your back? Which item from the list you want to purchase for your home? Share your honest opinion, and I will be more than happy to learn about your experience.

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