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Best Winter Blanket for the Intensely Cold Nights

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Hello, my dear friends. Today I continue to describe the ways how you can make your sleep healthу and enjoyable. Not once, I’ve faced a problem of the winter blankets that didn’t protect me from cold nights. It was hard to get asleep. We should maintain a comfortable temperature of our body to let it rest and build itself up. That allows us to feel more energized in the morning. We need to have healthy sleep, especially in the winter, when the cold weather forces our organism to work more intensively. Taking care of our body is a guarantee of a positive mood.

So, how to get a peaceful sleep? Not only the blanket is an important thing. But today, I will tell you more about the best blankets for warmth and how to choose the reliable one. You may think: “Oh, what could be easier than to find a warm blanket?”. However, when you search for the product online, it’s hard to check if it is a really good one.

Material may seem very soft and good-looking, but in reality, you will be cold on the first night. Don’t worry – I know which blanket is best for winter.

Top 7 Best Winter Blanket Reviews

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Blanket – The Warmest Blanket Ever

We all need that extra bit of comfort to sleep well. Bedsure company understands it and provides affordable and cozy lines of products that suit any taste. Their mission is to help people with different sleep needs. That’s not always easy. But they are free to add innovations into Bedsure lines improving the fabric and sleep-supporting quality. It’s no accident that this company is the leader in providing home linens.

Nothing can be better than the best warm blankets. Except for the dual formula of the Bedsure blanket that offers you two different senses of softness. Smooth on the one side, and fluffy on the other. It combines fleece and plush sherpa, and together they make blankets that keep you warm better. This innovative technology also provides durability in usage.

There are more than fifteen colors to choose from! This blanket model is ideal for people who strive to create a fabulous room design. It will protect your bed or sofa from the dirt. You may also use it for camping and basket dinner when the weather is a little bit cold. Or just for the cozy relaxation on your terrace in the evening.

The sherpa material is more resistant to fade and stain. It is not as elastic as cotton is that allows it not to bunch over time. Neat stitches create a strong connection and a better outlook. So, it will serve you for more than one season.


  • Durable;
  • Soft dual formula;
  • Elegant;
  • Resistant to fade and stain.


  • Made of polyester.

Home Fashion Designs Reversible Velvet Blanket – Super Warm Blanket

Home Fashion Designs Premium Reversible Sherpa and Fleece Velvet Plush Blanket

Want to create the home of your dreams? Home fashion designs offer not only the top rated winter blankets but also everything you need to bring warmth to your house. This company is known for its unique product design. The founder of Home fashion designs is passionate about her project and strives to create products due to the customer’s wishes. And she’s doing quite well.

A Home fashion design blanket will fit any bed. You can choose from three different sizes and sixteen colors that will suit every room design. On the face side, there is a velvet plush for the elegant look. And on the backside, it has a smooth Berber to keep you warm at night.

The blanket is machine washable, which makes it very easy to care for. Most of the blankets lose their look after the first wash, and what is more important – become less warm. You can clean this product as much as you need. It is durable due to its construction.


  • Different sizes;
  • Dual formula;
  • Machine washable.


  • Heavy.

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket – Heavy Warm Blanket

The professionals of Degrees of Comfort spent years of research to formulate a heavy blanket that has a deep pressure stimulation for healthy sleep. In this case, heavy is not a minus. The blanket is also manufactured to help people with sensory issues. It calms down the body and allows you to have a deep sleep, even if you tend to wake up due to the sound or bright light.

With this blanket, you will feel like you are laying on a sand beach. Its nano-ceramic bead technology provides the silky serenity filling that spreads over the whole blanket. The unique construction is perfect, not only for the wintertime. When it’s cold, you can cover yourself with the warm fleece side, and in the summer, you may use the other side made of the CoolMax Microfiber technology.

No matter what size your bed is, Degrees of Comfort has a blanket for everyone. There are no more, no less – 11 different sizes. Grey, navy, extra cool, and regular tan – choose the color you like the most. This blanket may seem to be too heavy, but its innovative technology was created to make your sleep healthier.


  • Deep sleep stimulation technology;
  • Soft filling;
  • Suitable for both: winter and summer;
  • Is manufactured in different sizes.


  • Expensive.

Utopia Bedding Sherpa Bed Blanket – Cold Weather Blanket

Utopia Bedding Sherpa Bed Blanket

The best thing about Utopia bedding is that you can find everything you need for healthy and comfortable sleep. And everything will go together perfectly. So, if you need an additional pillow to your winter blanket, be sure Utopia bedding knows what to offer you. They have linens of every measurement and color. Truly the best winter blankets brand.

Utopia bedding blanket can be used whenever you like. While sleeping, watching television, or even for warm camping. Don’t worry – the construction of this product makes it highly durable. It has a 2-sided heap and double-needle stitching. This feature and the fleece material make it extremely warm.

It is very easy to take care of this blanket. You can wash it in the machine on cold and tumble dry on low. The material is strong and shrink resistant. So, the blanket will look perfect and continue to keep warmth even after several wash cycles.

Want to choose a suitable color for your room? As you like. There are such colors as grey, navy, turquoise, red, and plum and four different sizes. The best thing about this blanket is that you can enjoy your sleep from any side of the cover. One side is Sherpa fleece, and another one is Flannel fleece. Both are soft, warm, and comfortable.


  • Durable construction;
  • Durable construction;
  • Dual formula.


  • Not natural material.

Linenspa All-Season Quilted Comforter – The Best Type of Blanket for Winter

Linenspa All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Linenspa believes – if you have a good sleep, you can move mountains! Only fifteen years ago, this company’s founders decided to create a brand of quality products at the price that everyone could afford. And that’s what they did. Linenspa offers excellent value and the best service. They move beyond creating new technologies and help people around the world, making their sleep better.

I’m sure you won’t find such a soft blanket as Linenspa offers. It can be used as a stand-alone comforter or together with your favorite duvet cover. There are eight built-in corner and side loops to make a duvet cover warmer for the winter. In other blanket models, there are only four loops. The comforter tends to slip down with such construction, which means you may be cold at night. With the Linenspa product, it won’t happen.

The design is like a combination of two comforters at one. You may choose one of two colors due to your decor in the room – no more feathers, odor, and sharp quills that don’t bring any pleasure. The Linenspa fill is a microfiber that makes it very lightweight, long-lasting, and warm at the same time. You may sleep peacefully because the filling will be on the place, thanks to the box stitch design.

The colors you choose from are standard but look very luxurious. You can wash the blanket in the machine, and it won’t lose color even after several cycles. But you need to do it carefully. The wash should be on a gentle cycle with low temperature, and it’s better to air dry it. A little effort – and your blanket looks as good as the new one.


  • Very soft and warm;
  • Lightweight fill;
  • Can be attached to the duvet cover;


  • Needs specific care.

SOFTCARE Soft Queen Size Blanket – The Warmest Blanket for Winter

SOFTCARE Soft Queen Size Blanket

A microfiber material makes the Softcare blanket really soft and very warm. It’s not that easy to shred the blanket due to its construction. It is also fade and shrink resistant. So you can cover your sofa with the Softcare blanket and rest assured that even if you spill a cup of coffee on it, it’s not a problem.

Speaking of which, you can easily wash this blanket in a machine. But remember not to use a high heat dry and do not iron it. This may affect the look of the product and its effectiveness. You can only wash it at low heat, and it will be great if you use the air dry – everything is just like caring about the standard blanket.

A big plus of Softcare blanket is that you can use it all season and all cases. I mean, it is among the best thick winter blankets, and you can take it with you when you go for a picnic. It keeps warmth even at the coldest nights for more than one winter season. The blanket is great for covering the couch. And in the summer you can use the smooth side to feel cooler at night. What else could you wish for?

I know – you want a perfect design to suit your room, and Softcare can offer this too. The colors are not unique, but they all look fantastic, just like you bought a blanket on a vintage auction. It also has two different sides – one is smooth, and another one is plush. This feature allows the blanket to remain warm during winter and be comfortable for the summer usage.


  • Fade and shrink resistant;
  • Machine washable;
  • All-season;
  • Has two smooth and plush sides.


  • Not a wide range of sizes.

Kingole Microfiber Throw Blanket – Lightweight Warm Blanket

Super soft and durable construction – it is about the Kingole warm blanket. The lightweight is a big plus, especially when you want to use a blanket not only for winter but also for summer and spring. On the first side, it doesn’t look warm enough for cold nights. But these doubts recede after the first usage.

The main material is a microfiber polyester. As we have convinced ourselves earlier, this material is great for the blankets. It makes the blanket very lightweight and provides durable usage that brings only satisfaction. That’s because the blanket is so soft, that waking up in the morning you will want to stay in bed.

A blanket is not only soft but also stylish. Kingole is sure that you don’t need a blanket that is warm but doesn’t suit your room design. Even when you are traveling with this blanket, you will look fabulous. Good-looking and warm inside. Don’t be afraid to take it with you while camping, it’s a great idea because the blanket is lightweight and resistant to shrink.

As any other blanket made of the polyester, this one can also be washed in the machine. It doesn’t fade after the several washes and continues to keep the warmth on cold nights. Wash only at a cold temperature and use the tumble dry low.


  • Durable material;
  • Easy to care;
  • Lightweight;
  • Stylish.


  • Made of polyester.

What Else Should You Know?

What blanket is good for winter and summer?

A lot of the blankets are manufactured to suit all-season. They are warm enough to make your winter sleep calm, and on the other side are good for summer use. You may think that it is hard to find such a blanket. Most of the products I have described above are all-season blankets, and I’m sure they work great.

First of all, the best blanket for winter and summer has two different sides. One of them is usually plush and thicker to keep warm on cold nights. Another one should be smooth. It allows reducing the warmth of your body during the summer sleep. It is usually the same material but different types of manufacturing. The best textile for all-season blankets is microfiber polyester. It is hard to make such a blanket using natural cotton. In this case, it will be or too hot for summer or too cold for winter.

The weight of the product doesn’t matter. In most cases, the blanket will be 5 pounds and more. My recommendation is not to choose the most lightweight one. Of course, it is great when you can take a blanket for a picnic or something like that, and it won’t be hard to carry it. But the sleep becomes healthier with heavy blankets. They calm down your body and allow it to relax.

Also, if you want to use the blanket not only in the winter, it is better to choose the machine washable one. Almost all the last models can be washed in the machines, but sometimes the material is not for washing. Read the description carefully. Don’t hurry up with a choice – the blanket you choose will serve you for long.

What kind of material better for winter blanket?

Someone will say that cotton is the best material for most of the linen. And that’s not wrong, but with the innovative materials and filling the cotton became not that popular. It is also not used so often because the blankets made of it are too heavy and not good for the summer usage. So, cotton is soft and warm, but it is not the best material.

Most of the products I have provided to you are made of the fleece material. They have a microfiber formula that is of high quality. Not only textile warmth and softness are important. I’m sure you don’t want to buy another expensive blanket after one year of usage. So, durability is also what you need. Thanks to the latest innovations, the microfiber polyester protects the blanket from shrink and fade. That means it will keep your body warm even after several washes and months of usage. It will also save the color. So your bedroom will look great no matter what, with such a blanket.

The filling is also a significant part. It’s usually what keeps you warm at night. Some people may have an allergy to the feathers or some other filling materials. But it’s not hard to find a blanket that has a hypoallergenic microfiber fill. Even if you don’t have an allergy, it is still a good choice. Such filling is lightweight, so it will reduce the weight of the blanket several times in comparison to the standard fill. It will also spread smoothly over the blanket. Sometimes at night, all the filling gets in one corner of the blanket. With microfiber fill, it won’t happen.

What blanket to use for baby in winter?

The right temperature of the body is very important for baby sleep. They are more sensitive than adults, so there are some specific recommendations in choosing a blanket. I’m sure every mom wants her baby to have a healthy sleep. Many top brands have a line for babies. But what to do if you are not sure about the choice? What are the specifics for small kids’ blankets?

First of all, the best material is cotton. The baby’s skin is several times more sensitive than adults have, so the microfiber material is not the best variant. Of course, if you are sure your kid doesn’t have an allergy, it is not a big problem to cover him with the blanket you usually use. But cotton is softer and warmer. Do not buy a heavy blanket – it can be hard for the baby to breathe. And there is no need for a big one if you choose cotton. This material is super warm, so you can buy a lightweight one and be calm about your baby’s sleep.

Remember that the filling can cause an allergy if it’s not the best one. As I’ve explained before, there is a hypoallergenic microfiber fill that will be ideal for the baby blanket. Most of the top brands use it, so it’s not hard to find a suitable product. And also, it will be good if the blanket is box stitch. That’s what helps the filling to stay in the right place for the whole night.

How to wash a winter blanket?

The warm blankets for winter require a careful attitude because of the materials they are made of. Happily, you can wash them in the machine. But it’s not that simple. If you wash a blanket in the wrong way, it may lose a good look, and what is more important, it won’t be so warm and soft. There are three steps to wash a blanket without bad consequences.

When you put a blanket in the machine, don’t add other clothes. It’s better to wash it separately because of the big size. To prevent the abrasion and loss of color – wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Even if it is not made of cotton. The microfiber polyester also requires a mild attitude because of its formula. It can easily decrease in size if washed in hot water.

You need to air dry the blanket after washing. It will keep the blanket in the perfect condition for a longer time. Of course, if you want to dry your blanket fast, you may use the tumble dry. But remember to set the gentle cycle with the low heat. The most important thing is to avoid iron. The textile may lose its place, and the blanket won’t be so soft and warm. Don’t use bleach and fabric softeners, as these chemicals can easily reduce the softness too. And remember to read a label of each product. There may be some other specific tips.

Final Words

I’m truly amazed at how soft and warm the blankets are nowadays. Earlier it was really hard to find a good variant at a reasonable price. Now, I can spend a lot of time choosing among many fabulous options. And they are not only useful during a cold night!

They are also a perfect addition to your room design and a great way to warm yourself while camping. It will be great if you find the best winter blanket among the products I have described. Or maybe you have the better option? Feel free to offer your variants in the comments below!

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