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Good night sleep is a stepping stone for everyone’s day yet to come. Having a comfortable, adjustable, and, more importantly, long-lasting solution to regular back pain or overall body soreness has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Choosing a good-quality topper to modify your rest place might demand zeal and perseverance. Since multiple producers utilize rather different materials in producing a topper, from the simple down materials and wool to latex and even poly derivatives, there is, indeed, a great range to pick one from.

Each of the materials is good for specific needs. For instance, latex is suitable for people looking for a bouncy pad, whereas memory foam is about the shape and softness.

To help you find the best king size mattress topper for your bedroom, I’ve come up with a list of proven and reliable products that might just do the trick for you.

Top 7 Pillow Top for King Mattress Products

Of course, it’s redundant to call a certain item the best and send the others to the slums. Each product can be a great fit for rest-takers, when completely unacceptable for others. To simplify your browsing, I’ve added a few underscored points that can help you compare, evaluate, and put your mind to one of the items.

Remember that selecting a product is all about you. It’s not necessary to buy a well-made promotion unless it feels right for you.

So let’s have a closer look at some outstanding pillow top for king mattress comforts!

ViscoSoft 4 Inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper — Awesome Pillow Top for King Size Bed

The ViscoSoft Topper is starting this ranking. The product is a truly comfortable and necessary add-on to your bedding. The 4-inch thick pad is designed specifically for providing softness and fluffiness to your neck, back, hips, and thighs while sleeping.

Embedded with almost 3 inches of pure, high-quality shape-embracing materials, which support the posture and align the neck and spinal cord, the item is perfect for people who tend to suffer from soreness. The gel is great for embracing your figure and shaping it individually for each user.

Moreover, padded with around 2 inches of a soft material blend ensures easiness and safety for your body at night. The breathability of the material prevents excessive sweating, overheating, and skin irritation. All of this is covered with a stretchy skirt to fit your mattress. Thanks to its deep pockets, this king mattress pillow topper is versatile enough to match regular and irregular king mattress dimensions.

The density of the topper makes up a tender but soft bedding piece. Assuring all-body support, it takes up various shapes and sizes, turning casual night sleep into enjoyable, relaxing leisure.

With its inbuilt temperature regulation technology, the topper preserves a person’s normal body temperature. This prevents overheating during the warm seasons and excessive cooling during the cold ones.

Use the straps to adjust the topper firmly to your mattress. Make sure that they are tied properly to the base to guarantee the maximum quality functioning.

When it comes to cleaning, the whole product is machine-washable and doesn’t have any whimsical requirements for maintenance.


  • Ultralightweight;
  • Soft and tender;
  • Simple maintenance;
  • Anti-allergic;
  • Deep-pocketed.


  • Some synthetic smell at first.

EASELAND California King Mattress Top Cover — King Size Pillow Top Mattress Cover Included

Produced by Easeland, a renowned mattress topper and bedding manufacturer, the item does deserve a few good words. With the dimensions of 6 feet in length and 7 feet in width, the product is a perfect match for California King mattresses.

Thanks to the approximately 2ft deep-pocketed inserts, the topper can embrace almost any surface. Moreover, the pockets cover the overall perimeter of the mattress, which leaves no gaps or uncovered places. Thus, there is no sliding or accidental folding of the topper due to the possible night tossing. Don’t worry about having to readjust the pad every morning; it stays firm and fixed.

Though the item remains steady and integral, it’s still very stretchy and rip-resistant. Regardless of the force applied by your children or pets, the item will keep intact. The thin cotton pillow top king mattress cover spreads evenly all over the anti-allergen buffering layer.

Resistant to moisture and sweat, the whole construction excludes any chance of possible bed bug infestation. Compared to a simple king size pillow top memory foam mattress, the Easland product is much more durable and long-lasting.

Since the product is purely cotton-based with a minor plush supplement, it doesn’t irritate the airways, nor does it collect dust and light-weight particles that so often cause allergies, sneezing, and coughing. Put the item in the washing machine or wash it manually, there is no chance for the topper to lose its brilliant whiteness even after many washes.

On top of this, the topper has no synthetic smell and doesn’t produce any screeching sound. Natural and soft, it deals well with fluctuating temperatures. With its nicely calibrated cooling and soothing technology, the topper provides a constant supply of refreshed air to your skin during the night.


  • Tender but sturdy;
  • It doesn’t shed threads or wear holes.
  • Highly deep-pocketed.
  • Perfect for California King.


  • Thin.

Balichun Pillowtop King Mattress — Caring Pillow Top for King Mattress

If you’re looking for a more traditional product to modify your old mattress, then this Balichun Pillowtop topper might be the one. Made of an alternative goose down blend, the product is completely natural and contains no synthetic or chemical components.

Sizing around 6 to 7 feet in length and width, it makes up a nice add-on to your king-size mattress. To match the topper with your bedding pieces nicely, the manufacturer has provided a one-and-a-half-deep pocket option. It allows you to decide the exact stretch you want to choose for your topper without sacrificing the size, shape, or fluffiness.

This king size pillow top mattress topper consists of several separate soft blocks, which act as a shape-shifting surface to suit your needs. Also, the blocks have an orthopedic function; that is they apply slight pressure to your legs, lower and upper spine, as well as your neck. Thanks to this, they hold your body parts firmly yet tenderly to improve the posture, muscle relaxation, and spinal cord alignment.

The top cover is designed to be water-resistant. It doesn’t absorb moisture and liquids but repels them. This prevents the cover and the whole construction from taking in water, sweat, and other liquids that are so hard to dry up. As a result, there is no staining or musty smell after long-time use.

To maintain this topper, a single once-a-month machine-wash will do the job. Make sure to use a temperature suitable for white and cotton clothes to retain the softness and classy look.


  • Moisture-resistant.
  • No chemicals.
  • Suitable for both children and adults.
  • Posture correction function.


  • Thick and hefty.

ExceptionalSheets Fitted Skirt King Mattress Topper — Anti-Allergen King Mattress Pillow Topper

It happens that one can be allergic to certain natural and animal-derived components. For this, ExceptionalSheets has come up with a blend of synthetic materials to assure an allergen-free environment for your daily rest.

As a combination of polyester-infused and cotton-based fabrics, the topper is completely anti-allergenic. They prevent bed bugs and microorganisms from spreading by creating a hostile and unfavorable environment. Also, it’s great at dealing with water and moisture.

Even if you happen to live in high humidity, the topper barely absorbs any water particles. It remains fresh, cool, and bouncy, whereas its king size pillow top mattress cover will preserve dryness throughout the night.

The product is known for having another outstanding feature, which is pressure elevation. Due to its compound in-built fiber masses, the topper lowers the lever of pressure applied to the body. Not only does it decrease the pressure by half, but it also eliminates the sink-in feeling to make falling asleep effortless.

Also, its clustered composition allows the air to flow freely inside its masses. This provides enhanced air circulation, positive blood pressure regulation, as well as causes no skin inflammation.

The topper has thin, highly elastic pockets to fit the skirt well. Each of them can stretch up to 1.5 feet in depth and settle firmly on your mattress. Thanks to the elasticity, fabrics are very strong and are unlikely to be torn or ripped regardless of the force applied. This makes the product very pet and children-friendly, ensuring long and delightful years of service.


  • A polyester blend for strength and cotton for comfort;
  • Pain-relief function;
  • In-product air circulation;
  • Deprived of all the allergy-causing materials.


  • Sensitive to certain washing options.

LUCID Ultra Plush Down Alternative Topper — Best King Size Mattress Topper for Stability and Steadiness

Perfect for people looking for a thinner topper, this Lucid Ultra Plush product combines a traditional approach with modern technology.

Two-ply strands offer a great deal of comfort and functionality for the topper. With its completely cotton filling, the item is deprived of the annoying motel-like jumpy feeling. It stays stable and doesn’t wobble, no matter the height or weight of the sleeper.

Though the product is not hand-made, all its stitches are performed with the highest accuracy, which allows the topper to preserve a classic and neat appearance.

Let alone the comfort, the item is meant for stability. Thanks to the elastic straps, the topper can fit a mattress of any size by holding it firmly. The straps can be adjusted to a specific height or depth, thus making the pad very versatile.

As it is deprived of any chemical plush fillings, the product retains its shape and bounciness even after multiple uses. To improve the plush, give a few gentle taps by a hand on the surface, or put it in a dryer at a low temperature.

Unlike many other compositionally similar toppers, this one can withstand long years of service without breaking or settling down. Regardless of how hard the pillow top cover for king size bed is folded or twisted, it will return to its normal size and shape without a single groove. This is all due to the elasticity of the cotton fibers that can undergo high pressure applied to it.


  • Highly flexible;
  • No flattening even after many years of service;
  • Thin and highly compact;
  • Equipped with strong, elastic straps to fix the product.


  • A little sturdy.

LEISURE TOWN King Mattress Cotton Topper — Pillow Top for King Mattress Products for Children and Senior People

In case you need to find a good-quality topper for the pregnant or senior people with nice back support, then you might want to consider the Leisure Town Topper.

This product is designed specifically for taking care of the back. Of course, it is suitable for all ages and categories. Due to its abundant fluffiness and impressive shape-shifting technology, it’s great for back and spine relief.

As it comes with nice sealed packaging, the topper needs up to 24 hours, usually much less, to gain its full volume. Thanks to the sealing, the product is highly hygienic and is delivered 100% clean and clear of chemicals, dust, or mites.

It consists of several soft-edged blocks that provide additional pressure relief to your legs, pelvis, and spine. Moreover, the grooves between the blocks work as a water curvature, which prevents the moisture from getting trapped inside the mattress. If you’ve accidentally poured some liquid on the cover, it can be effortlessly removed by simply using a sponge or wiping it with a towel.

The four stretchy and well-sewn deep-pockets fixate the pad perfectly on the mattress. There is no need to wake up in the middle of the night to readjust it. Now, it’s possible to sleep in any of your favorite positions, toss around, etc. without fearing discomfort.

Thanks to the depth, the topper reduces your weight pressure, which makes it less harmful for your spinal cord and neck. This lightness prevents the further development of underlying back conditions, as well as general morning soreness and tightness.


  • Perfect for children and senior people;
  • Highly moisture-absorbent;
  • Firmly fixed to the mattress;
  • Warranty.


  • The sink-in feeling after multiple uses.

Oaskys King Mattress Topper — Eco-Friendly Pillow Top Cover for King Size Bed

Ending the Top 7 for today is the Oaskys Mattress pad, which truly complies with the highest standards of comfort, functionality, and long service.

The square blocks that make up the product are meant to create a pleasant night’s sleep experience for any user. They hold the material tightly together so that it doesn’t flatten even after years of constant use. Since cotton is very durable and elastic, it acts similarly to memory foam.

It preserves the body shape of a sleeper without causing any additional pressure to the bloodstream, muscles, and spinal cord. The microfiber resembles that of typical, traditional down bedding, which ensures comfort without any synthetic or screeching feeling.

The product is one of the best hypoallergenic toppers on the market today. It is suitable for both people who are affected by seasonal allergies and chronic conditions.

As it relies on a strong, anti-moisture pad, the topper doesn’t hold any wetness, thus not favoring the propagation of harmful bacteria or dust mites. Moreover, the product doesn’t shed threads and cotton particles. Its pad is completely sealed and leaves no fiber on the bedding.

The price for this one is very reasonable. In fact, the manufacturer offers a great warranty period that only proves the quality, which the producer relies on. Here, you can choose from a variety of sizes that can suit your needs. Regardless of whether you need the best queen size mattress topper or a simple twin set, the quality remains the same, just like the functionality and long service guarantee.


  • Great variety of sizes;
  • Warranty;
  • Hypoallergenic cotton;
  • Sturdy and balanced;
  • Reasonable price.


  • Hard to pack after complete unfolding.


Mattress Pad Cover 300TCThough the product reviews might have given you a thorough insight into the basic functions and pros of a topper, there remain a few important questions to be answered. To completely understand the basics of the product, you might want to take into consideration the following:

What is a pillow mattress?

A pillow mattress is an extra top layer of padding placed on the surface of the main one. Since it’s a relatively new invention, such products are often disregarded as redundant and unnecessary purchases. However, as major bedding manufacturers have introduced these toppers, they have proven most useful and have been gaining popularity these days.

How to choose a mattress topper?

Picking a topper among the vast range of products is a more complicated task than it seemed first. Firstly, it’s essential to determine the type of padding you’d like. Varying from down filling to blends of cotton and polyester, each of them performs a certain function and has its pros and cons.

  • Down toppers have always been the eternal classic. Made of natural components, like feathers, down mattress tops offer a soft, comfortable add-on to any bed. However, these products have been almost completely substituted by synthetic, man-made fillings because of their allergenic properties.
  • Latex was very popular at first. Like with down toppers, latex products have been found unsuitable for people whose airways are sensitive to strong synthetics. Moreover, some of them have been known to produce an unpleasant, screeching sound, as well as to give off a synthetic smell.
  • Cotton has come to replace animal-derived materials and provide a safer, more hypoallergenic environment. Since cotton regulates temperatures well, it doesn’t require a replacement from hot to cold bedding as the seasons change. Also, cotton toppers deal nicely with moisture. Though they take in all the excessive wetness, water, and sweat, they don’t trap them inside but cause the dampness to evaporate rapidly.

After putting your mind to a certain material, there comes a time to determine what purposes you need a topper for. Besides providing necessary hypoallergenic protection and temperature regulation, a topper can perform a whole cascade of beneficial functions.

  • Most of the modern tops are known to substitute old spring mattresses to provide pain relief. People who struggle with occasional or underlying back conditions tend to equip their beds with a topper for better sleep. Since the filling of a top mattress is integral and bouncy, it offers great spinal cord alignment. This reduces the pressure caused by typical mattresses and eases the pain.
  • Another use of the toppers is for people who suffer from osteochondrosis. Since the condition causes great distress to a great majority nowadays, toppers act like memory foam by changing and adapting to a person’s own sleep needs. Now, the position you choose at night doesn’t really matter as the topper will effortlessly shape-shift.

By combining what you know and what you expect from a topper, it’s easier than ever to choose the right one. Just attend to your physiological and mental needs before deciding on a top mattress.

What to look for in a mattress?

Look for guarantees and assurance. Look for the proof that the product you’re about to buy is certified and officially approved. There is a great deal of fake, unreliable items that pose like a real big deal though they might be fraudulent and even harmful.

Also, pay attention to the functions. Modern toppers are meant to be versatile, and they never offer a narrow array of benefits. Whether it’s orthopedic or not, a good-quality topper has to be made of high-quality, natural, or naturally-derived materials.

Additionally, you probably would like to get yourself a hypoallergenic top just to be on the safe side in case of seasonal allergies or a bed bug infestation.

How long do pillow-top mattresses last?

The service period of a particular product normally depends on the material it’s made of. Low-quality cotton and polyester tops can serve around three years. Though their padding wears out with time, it’s still possible to restore it to a decent level of puffiness by drying or refilling.

On the other hand, high-quality products can stay in shape for up to ten years. But, such pads are usually more expensive since they require more costly materials and special production technologies.

Final Thought

In closing, the array of products is boundless. Not only can one find affordable yet highly-functional toppers, but there is also always a chance of striking a nice deal. If you’re choosing a topper as a long-lasting pain-relief or simple comfort betterment solution, you should attend to choosing your product very carefully.

Yes, even the best pillow top for king size bed topper won’t resolve all your problems. But it can be a good start by giving the support and rest that you deserve.

Now, I hope you’ve found this article interesting and useful enough to enrich your understanding of the topic. Have you found a topper that you think might just be the one? Are you looking for your first product ever, or is it time for a replacement for the old one? Make sure to comment down below, I’d love to hear more about your experiences with mattress tops.

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