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Every person has their own unique set of night habits that help them fall asleep more easily. Finding your favorite sleep position is truly essential for your overall wellbeing and sleep quality. It’s as important as brushing your teeth before bed or putting on your most comfortable pajamas.

Though certain studies have proved that sleeping on your belly does more bad than good for you, it doesn’t discard the fact that more and more people choose it as their favorite position. For those of us who prefer to cozy up to the pillow on their belly, finding a good stomach pillow to go nicely with our body shape is not the easiest task to do.

Normally, it all depends on the material and count of threads that manufacturers use. The higher the count is, the firmer a pillow gets, thus becoming more contouring. However, the very thread count influences a pillow’s breathability and moisture-resistant properties. So what to do?

I’ve dealt with this issue for years. And now, I can finally say that there are pillows that go well with our favorite sleep position. Moreover, you don’t have to sacrifice certain features for others. And I’m going to prove it to you today.

Top 7 Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Options

To reduce the pressure caused by your body weight and make the best out of your stomach-sleeping habits, here are the best stomach sleeper pillow reviews. Each product is a unique and well-designed comfort meant to provide the best sleep support to the user.

Though such pillows vary in sizes, manufacturing material, and price, I believe there is something here for everyone. These products are approved by users and, more importantly, are proven by time since they can change the way you sleep at night. Now, let’s observe some good pillows for stomach sleepers!

Sweetnight Adjustable Pillow for Stomach Sleepers — Memory Foam Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

My first pick is this product with reusable filling by Sweetnight. It’s great for people who have already felt the negative aftermaths of sleeping on their stomach but have no intention to give it up easily. The product comes in Queen options.

The pillow’s size is that of a regular down pillow, which is around 30×20 inches in length and width. However, its inner filling is reusable and adjustable. You can regulate the amount of filling you want to create the puffiness or flatness that you like to see for your neck support.

Unlike many other synthetic products, this one doesn’t weigh more than 6.1 pounds, thus creating no additional pressure on your collarbones or the back of your head while sleeping.

To ensure comfort, the filling of this belly sleeper pillow is made of robust yet springy particles to preserve the shape of your body. When sleeping with your face on the pillow, your spinal cord aligns with the neck. As a result, your bones and bloodstream receive less pressure than when sleeping on a normal down pillow.

Moreover, the filling is durable enough to withstand different weights. You can put it under the back or belly; squeeze between the knees or place under the thighs, the product will quickly restore its original shape when released.

The beauty of this product is that the manufacturer is so confident of their item’s quality that they provide a three-year service warranty. In case anything goes wrong with the pillow, you can always apply for maintenance to receive a solution right from the producer. Also, the pillow is completely washable. Simply remove the filling, place the case into your washing machine at normal temperature, and add some conditioner.


  • Soft and springy filling;
  • Non-chemical;
  • Easily washable;
  • Reshaping technology.


  • Some synthetic odor before the first wash.

Lincove 100% Goose Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow — Hypoallergenic Tummy Sleeper Pillow

Lincove White Down Pillow suits all varieties of people, especially those who cozy up on their belly at night. The product is a little larger than regular pillows with its double-filling system to make it as fluffy as one could possibly want.

Roughly 28 inches in length and 18 inches in width, the pillow releases you from having to use two cushions. Here, both your head and neck rest easily on the surface without tilting or bending excessively.

Made completely of natural cotton, the product is a comfortable add-on to your sleep routine. The filling is a 600-thread plush material, which fits in the case densely. Apparently, the denser a filling is, the more capable it is of preserving the shape of your body.

Moreover, such density allows for many years of use without losing its shape or settling down. The highly-comprised cotton inside the case doesn’t shed over time, thus not leaving any white particles on the bed.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about washing it with the rest of your bedding or even clothes. The case is very resistant to high temperatures and comes out like a brand new product after a 2-cycle rinse. You may also add some herbal conditioner to improve the quality of your sleep even more.

This product is one of those soft down pillows for stomach sleepers who might also suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies. Since the pillow is made exclusively of synthetic and cruelty-free materials, it’s completely eco-friendly.

Moreover, the microenvironment inside the pillow is hypoallergenic, meaning that it’s very unfavorable for dust mites and bed bugs. Not only does it stop them from spreading, but it also prevents possible infestations.


  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Completely eco-friendly;
  • No synthetic smell;
  • It comes in vacuum packaging.


  • One-size option only.

Life Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow for Stomach Sleepers — Extra Thin Belly Sleeper Pillow

In case you’ve had pillows that flatten and lose their integrity over time, you can consider this one to avoid the issue for good. The Life Gel Infused Pillow option is a product made to serve you longer than regular bed comforts. The composing shape-shift material is known for its rebounding property.

It allows the cushion to preserve its original dimensions after any kind of shape it has taken before. When embracing the head, neck, or shoulders, it adjusts to the specific curvature of each part. This leads to a comfortable embrace, no matter the sleep position you prefer.

Though the product has a standard length and width of 28by16 inches, its depth is rather lower – approximately 3 inches. This allows for people who like to toss around during the night and can’t seem to find a comfortable position. The pillow doesn’t get lumps or unevenness since the in-built foam spreads gradually throughout the surface.

It’s equipped with a soft case to facilitate washing and changing. The case is covered with microfiber to create the effect of gentleness and add more fluffiness. Also, the microfiber is considered one of the most anti-allergenic materials for those who are sensitive to animal-derived fillings. This flat pillow for stomach sleepers can help you overcome a dust mite problem or a possible flea infestation. Thus, making it safe and child-friendly.

To maintain the hygiene of the product nicely, take off the case and wash it in cold or lukewarm water. Make sure to avoid placing it in a washing machine with colorful fabrics, since the cover can absorb the color and lose its microfiber quality. Moreover, when drying, don’t put out the case in the direct sunlight, for it can shrink or lose its stretchiness.


  • Flatter than most pillows; good for tossing around;
  • Self-rebounding feature;
  • Strong zipper;
  • Washable and dryable.


  • Too big for traveling or flights.

Bluewave Bedding Super Slim Pillow — Best Stomach Sleeper Pillow for Safety

If you have ever experienced excessive sweating or hard breathing while sleeping, then you might have just had a pillow too stiff. The Bluewave Bedding product eliminates the issue with pillow stiffness and enriches it with a breathable filling.

The main feature that provides a sufficient amount of Oxygen at night is the special vent-like gaps inside the filling. They are utilized by the manufacturer to improve air circulation inside the filling. There, the air you breathe out while sleeping on the stomach goes through multiple layers of densely sawn threads through the designed vents. On its way out, the air is filled up with fresh Oxygen before each inhalation.

The pillow is certified and authority-approved for its safety and natural composition. It’s completely allergen-free, includes no chemicals, or toxins, like heavy and light metals, Ozone-infused fillers, etc.

Thanks to this, it can be considered as the safest product you may find on the market today. You can buy or even gift this memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers to your children or the elderly confident of their comfort and quality sleep.

It will suit people of different heights and body constitution since the foam inside is resilient and sturdy. Each corner is sliced down to provide a soft descending from top to bottom. As a result, there are no sharp and soft corners but only one large sleeping area.

Moreover, the manufacturer uses double-meshed sewing techniques for the layers inside and outside the pillow. Such meshes help create a robust yet soft fabric without sacrificing air conditioning qualities for thermal and air regulation inside the product. Hence, no unnecessary sweating, condensate, or saliva absorption, which could easily cause unhygienic conditions.


  • Completely certified;
  • Both sides are suitable for sleep;
  • Reduced moisture absorption;
  • No synthetic smell.


  • Maintenance requires delicacy.

Organic Textiles 100% Talalay Natural Latex Pillow — Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Who Suffer from Allergies

Another option for people who find themselves troubled by seasonal or chronic allergies is the Organic Textiles Latex Pillow. The product is made of pure synthetically-extracted latex, but not the one that’s scratchy and screeching. This kind of latex derivation is a soft, organic material, which is much better and more pleasant to the touch than regular polyester.

Unlike other latex products, this one is among the top-rated pillows for stomach sleepers. Because it has properties similar to both memory foam and polyester, the item combines the best of the two worlds. It contours your body nicely, whether it’s the neck, shoulders, or even the lower back and can swiftly shape-shift to the form most comfortable for you.

Moreover, it’s quite long-lasting and has this rebound feature where it rapidly comes back to its original shape in the span of seconds. The pillows cover is resistant to tears and rips and can withstand damages that other pillows simply wouldn’t. This is great in case you’re planning on buying one for your child or if there are pets around.

To add even more benefits, there are no synthetic odors, which so often come with latex products. Also, the manufacturer has made sure that your sleep is not disturbed by any external factors, like noises. The pillow easily absorbs surrounding noises and background sounds, providing even more comfort for your slumber.

Both the cover and filling are resilient to temperatures and dampness. To maintain the pillow, simply remove the case and give it a good machine-wash at medium temperature. Add some lavender or chamomile oils to improve the smell even more.


  • Non-chemical latex;
  • Soft but durable;
  • No sink-in feeling;
  • Long-lasting.


  • Not all sizes are available.

Elite Rest Ultra Slim Pillow — Highly-Hygienic Memory Foam Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

If you’re troubled by snoring while sleeping on your belly, then you can try this pillow. It’s designed to reduce the pressure created on internal organs and airways, which leads to breathing difficulties. The pillow is less than 3 inches deep, with the standard measurements of 16.5 by 24.5 inches in width and length.

This makes up enough space for your head, neck, and upper shoulder bones to rest freely. Being one of the most renowned thin pillows for stomach sleepers, the product creates a spacious surface for people who struggle with heavy breathing or tossing around.

The filling is purely organic cotton, which is very resistant to temperature changes and moisture. There is no ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ side of the pillow here. No matter how long you spend lying on a certain side of the item, it will maintain pleasant coolness. It’s due to the temperature regulation feature the product is embedded with. It doesn’t trap hot air inside the filling but releases it slowly to lose excessive heat.

Moreover, the case covering the pillow is extremely good at dealing with wetness, sweat, and saliva. Thousands of threads that create the inner and outer meshes repulse liquids and watery substances so that they don’t get inside the filling. Thanks to this, the pillow is secure from possible bug infestations, which prefer damp environments to dry ones.

As for hygiene and maintenance, the cover is stain-resistant. The top mesh doesn’t hold food or liquid particles, and neither does it let them inside. Thus, in case you spill some coffee or make a stain with something oily, you can get rid of it easily by putting it through one or two washing cycles.


  • Stain-free;
  • Convertible sides;
  • Cooling technology to keep the pillow fresh;
  • Allergen-free;
  • Moisture-resistant.


  • It can be too thin for well-built people.

Belly Sleep Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow — Great Flat Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

For those of you who prefer the flatness of a pillow to its fluffiness, the Belly Sleep Gel product offers more diversity in your sleep. The pillow is a great specimen of extra slim pillows for sleeping, which utilizes special alignment technologies.

It’s great for belly sleepers who feel the downsides of lying with their face down in the morning. Since the product doesn’t include any extra fluff, your head, neck, and collar bones take a perfect position for relaxation and rest. Thus, reducing the pressure created by regular down pillows.

The item is almost a 50/50 poly-bamboo product. This blend assures breathability and lightness since it’s not as dense as most foam-infused products. When sleeping with your belly pressed to the mattress, you’re able to inhale fresh air effortlessly without unnecessary oxygen deprivation for the brain. As a result, your blood circulation is stable and sufficient, providing an even blood distribution throughout the body. Hence, no stiffness or numbness in the morning.

You can also rest assured that the pillow will preserve coolness, giving the best thermal regulation a pillow can provide. Here, you don’t need to flip it every time it gets a bit too hot in the room; the product has an in-built cooling function.

Moreover, the filling is very resistant to moisture. It doesn’t conserve wetness; neither does it collect sweat due to the high-quality poly material. This prevents the pillow from absorbing excessive amounts of perspirations and the need to be washed every other day.

Thanks to the spacious dimensions of approximately 29 inches in length and 17 inches in width, the item is suitable for both children and adults. Also, it’s suitable for people of various heights and constitutions.


  • Spacious head area;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Suitable for people with underlying neck conditions;
  • Allergen-free.


  • No filling adjustment function.

Is It Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach?

If you find yourself most relaxed while sleeping on the stomach, then I’ve got some unpleasant news for you – sleeping on your stomach is bad. Not that it’s going to cause serious complications, but there might be certain disadvantages. So, how exactly does it influence your health?

You see, when your whole body weight concentrates on the front, it creates unnecessary pressure. At first, it doesn’t really cause any significant changes. But after spending 6-8 hours a night in this position, the pressure slowly causes your inner organs, muscles, and bones to press against one another. This may lead to a variety of unpleasant outcomes.

First, your spinal cord, joints, and rib cage tighten. Your spinal cord nerves reduce their ability to maintain your whole composition evenly, thus spurring aches throughout the back. Hence, morning neck and back pain.

Second, when your stomach is pressed to the mattress, your digestion processes are disturbed. This can lead to different indigestion issues and stomach-area dysfunctions. Also, the same thing is true for your bloodstream. Pressed and impeded from spreading roomily, your blood doesn’t travel to your limbs and brain sufficiently, causing headaches and sleepiness.

On the other hand, if you simply can’t make yourself change your sleep position, there is a solution. Just follow me to investigate it!

Pillows for Stomach Sleep: Types, Features, and Purchasing Tips

man at 100% Talalay Natural Latex

Before making a final decision on which tummy sleeper pillow to acquire, you need to consider a few things. There are different types of the product, various materials, and features, which can incline you to prefer one item over another.

Pillow Types for Stomach Sleepers

The difference between different types of pillows lies in the material used for the filling and the dimensions, which the filling provides. Each of them can make up the most comfortable pillow for stomach sleepers, but there are things to consider.

Thin memory foam pillows

The most memorable upside of this pillow is its thinness and lightness. Such products usually have little filling inside, making them look rather flat. However, it’s not that kind of flatness you can expect from an overused down pillow.

It’s good for people who have certain underlying or occasional neck or upper spine conditions. The product helps you align the bones and muscles in the most natural and favorable position without causing any additional pressure. On the other hand, people who don’t face such issues might consider the pillow too thin, thus uncomfortable.

Adjustable pillows

These products are also usually made of memory foam or animal-derived materials. When using an adjustable pillow, you can regulate the amount of filling you find the most comfortable. Generally, such a filling is densely compressed to avoid falling to pieces.

To adjust the filling, simply remove the cover and undo the main zipper. Stuff the case with as much material as you feel comfortable with and hide the rest in a specially designated container. Mark that the more you readjust the filling, the soggier it becomes, losing its original bounciness.

Down pillows

Being the most standard kind of product you can find, such pillows have served us long and well. They have a standard amount of filling inside and don’t allow for removal or readjustments. The best thing about them is that they are completely ready for use without unpacking, refilling, or decompressing.

Contrastingly, a down pillow is limited in a few things. First, you cannot regulate the filling and, in case you have back and neck pains, the item becomes more or less useless. Also, it’s hard to maintain such a pillow since the filling is susceptible to water and can be ruined after the first wash.

How to Choose the Best Pillow for Stomach Sleeper?

Well, it’s quite individual. Choosing pillows for people who sleep on their stomach relies on the preferences and needs of those people. Here’s why.


Pay attention to the softness. Though some people tend to enjoy softer surfaces, others can find excessive softness irritating and prefer stiffer pillows. The tougher a pillow is, the better it fixes your neck at night, reducing muscle and blood pressure.

Dimensions and material

Look at the dimensions and material. The width, length, and depth, as well as filling, can tell you a lot and help you choose a pillow to agree with your height and weight. Normally, shorter people find smaller pillows comfortable. However, people with chronic neck conditions might feel more rested after spending the night on a wider pillow surface.


Check the price. When researching what type of pillow is best for stomach sleepers, you might come across an array of highly-priced options. Remember, a more expensive product doesn’t guarantee better results. Sometimes, a good old down or a simple thin memory foam pillow can do better than fancy modern products.


Lincove White Down Luxury Sleeping

Here are the answers to the most popular questions about stomach sleeper pillows.

How thin a stomach sleeper pillow should be?

The thinness of your bed comfort, as well as the dimensions, depends on your preferences. A thicker pillow, ranging from 3.5 to 5 inches, is great for people who can’t seem to find a comfortable stop in bed. The fluffiness provides a sink-in feeling to stabilize the movement of the head and neck, as well as reduce the pressure.

On the other hand, 1.5-3-inch pillows are better at keeping your muscles tighter. By aligning the head and neck, you feel more relaxed. However, such alignment can cause a stiff neck feeling the next morning.

If I sleep on my stomach, do I need a pillow?

In fact, you do. Even more than if you slept on your back. When pressing the stomach to the mattress, your back tilts and curves upwards. This creates additional static pressure in the vertebrae. Because your bloodstream is impeded and the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, you can experience back pain, stiffness, and headaches.

You can put a pillow either directly under the face to level the tilt or under the stomach to make the spinal cord more even. Either way, you should use some kind of support to assure the correct alignment.

What material is better for stomach sleepers?

There is no bad or good material for when sleeping on the stomach. There are only good and bad-quality pillows, which utilize the material effectively or not. I’d advise trying foam-infused products. They are comfortable to use, last longer than normal pillows, and sometimes are adjustable. You can also try out natural latex products to avoid all kinds of allergens. These pillows are also good at absorbing moisture, thus not spurring additional room air humidity.

Why does my neck hurt after stomach sleeping?

Your spinal cord, neck, and head are designed to keep your body upwards. Moreover, your neck feels more comfortable when tilted forwards rather than backward. When this direction is distorted, your vertebrae begin to press against one another.

As a result, the whole alignment is affected, all the way to your neck.

To avoid this, make sure to use a pillow or some kind of support. It doesn’t necessarily have to be placed under the neck, but it can also support your stomach. This way, the alignment is balanced, and your vertebrae don’t feel so much pressure.

Make the Most out of Your Sleeping Habits

As you can see, your sleeping position is more significant for your upcoming day than it may seem at first. When our body acts according to its natural design, the system feels much more balanced and wholesome. Contrastingly, when this order is disturbed, we feel the effects right away.

A pillow that supports your stomach sleep position is a great tool for keeping this alignment. Not only does it keep you healthy, but it also provides comfort and tranquility. Though choosing such a product can be a bit more confusing than you’d like it to be, it’s much more productive when you know what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s a thin or a thick pillow, with or without a memory foam filling, spacious or compact — it’s all up to you to decide. The point is to find the item that will not disturb your sleep but rather help you improve it. So, good luck while choosing!

Anyway, I hope this article has proven useful to you. Have you found what you’ve been looking for? Do you prefer a foam-infused pillow or a latex one? Make sure to comment down below!

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