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Best Sheets for Winter

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The quality of good night sleep is a cornerstone of the day to come. Depending on how well we spend our nights determines how upbeat or devastated we wake up in the morning. But what creates a pleasant sleep experience, especially during the cold and dull winter season? Right you are, it’s the bed and the bedding.

As we go through endless lists of bedding pieces in search of the best sheets for winter, we see that they all vary drastically. Some manufacturers produce seemingly cheap, good-quality items that include single-ply fabrics, whereas others offer you a two-ply product for a rather higher price. What’s the difference? Well, it all depends on the length of the material used for weaving an item. Here, it’s the longer, the better.

Double-ply pieces, though they may seem sturdier, are likely to last less and are somewhat rougher. On the other hand, a breathable single-ply is much lighter and doesn’t get worn out easily.

On top of that, flat bedding pieces that are meant to be adjustable to different types of beds can wrinkle and fall off the mattress. On the other hand, the fitted ones cling to the mattress surface, stay intact but aren’t always compatible with some beds.

To choose the right bedding that will keep you warm during the chilly season and match your bed, you need to reflect on what kind of functions you’d like it to perform, as well as the dimensions and properties of your mattress.

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Top 7 Best Sheets for Winter You’d Love to Have

Now, as you’ve given it a thought, it’s time to see a few alternatives that I, personally, and some clients of mine find very interesting bed sheets options. The following reviews include products that stand out thanks to their versatility, warmth-keeping properties, and durability. To make it more visible, I’ve included the pros and cons section that will help you to determine whether this item is the right one for you.

Bare Home Super Soft Fleece Sheet Set — Winter Choice, Warmest Bed Sheets

The Bare Home Fleece Set is my personal favorite. I’ve purchased one for myself and one for my parents as a gift not so long ago. The set consists of two sheets (one fitted and one flat), and a couple of pillow covers perfect for the bedroom or the living room sofa.

As the manufacturer is known for truly the best fleece sheets, the pieces are made of high-quality, stain, and dirt resistant material. The fabrics are soft and very pleasant to the touch without any supplementary coarse threads or synthetic weaving which prevents dust mites or bed bugs infestations. Also, these properties make it completely allergen-free and suitable for people with seasonal or underlying allergies.

Plush, as an additional component, makes the sheets perfect for the fall-winter time as it preserves the body heat and prevents the bed from cooling down. Notwithstanding, the fabric is very adaptable to weather conditions and it remains light, and breathable during warmer times as well. Just like the memory foam used in modern pillows, the material adjusts itself to your body shape making it comfortable to sleep in any of your favorite positions.

As for cleaning, the set is machine-washable. Normally maintained at a low temperature, the bedding is washed with other close or same-color laundry to ensure color preservation. For drying up, the items are hung or placed in low-humidity areas possibly away from direct sunlight. The product dries up very fast without keeping in any moisture or smell and comes out wrinkle-free.


  • Ultralight;
  • Soft and pleasant;
  • Durable;
  • Doesn’t lose the color after washing;
  • Hypoallergenic.


  • Has a slight synthetic smell.

True North Bedding by Sleep Philosophy — the Best Fleece Sheets for Napping

True North by Sleep Philosophy SHET20-528

If you’re looking for really warm sheets not flannel based products, then this type of bedding might be the one.

Unlike many other fleece sheets, this product is made of pure polyester that doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes. The technology combines short fiber particles and stretchy threads that won’t get torn easily. The product is highly recommended for people with pets or children since it’s very dirt and water-resistant. Also, the surface of the item doesn’t collect human or animal hair, making it one of the cleanest and most sanitary products on the market today.

Though it’s made of polyester, the sheet is nothing like other synthetic bedding pieces: it has no rubber sound when stretched, it preserves no manufacturing odor or unpleasant chemical smell, and it feels like actual cotton or even wool.

Warmth-wise, one of my clients has told me that she has stopped using her electric blanket during the cold seasons and completely substituted it for this one. I bet it’s true since non-flannel products can act as strong temperature conservers and neither do they lose their lightness. Thus, being one of the warmest bed sheets there are.

When it comes to washing, the microfiber used to manufacture this product is hard to damage both by water and regular laundry supplies. If cleaned properly, there is no pilling that happens to bedding pieces so often. Thanks to the elastic particles woven along with the polyester fiber, the whole product stays intact and produces no lint balls or other residue. Thus, making it washing-machine friendly.


  • Non-flannel;
  • Super hygienic;
  • Soft and light;
  • Requires little maintenance;
  • Pet-friendly.


  • Might not be suitable for all beds..

Bedsure Flannel Bed Sheet Set — Among the Best Cold Weather Sheets

One more set of soft warm sheets that are extremely suitable for winter is the Bedsure Flannel product. The item retains the best qualities of most cold-season beddings and adds even more to them without having to use electric fires. Deprived of any extra plush or synthetic hand feel, it offers a smooth and soft solution for people by insulating the warmth and ensuring proper style.

Not only does it keep the heat inside your duvet or blanket, the item also manages to provide comfort without the heaviness of typical flannel products by remaining thin and mobile. Also, independent testing has shown that the sheets can preserve the warmth up to six hours and have a reduced rating of cooling, unlike other flannel sheets.

This simplistic yet luxurious set weighs less than 165GSM and uses the technology of combed microfiber. High-density yarn prevents the collecting of little white cotton particles that stick to clothes or other fabric-based items. On the other hand, the same technology keeps these sheets straightened and wrinkle-free. You don’t need to iron them every week or apply any additional force to level the fitted sheet all over the mattress.

I find this set rather suitable for people who are inclined for suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation. Such conditions are generally caused by the response of highly sensitive body receptors to various external stimuli, like the bedding stiffness.

Here, there is no ‘stiff feeling’ that comes after a couple of washes. The sheets remain soft and gentle as their fiber is strong enough to endure high and low water temperatures.


  • Can withstand years of machine-washing;
  • Elastic enough to fit most beds;
  • Lightweight;
  • Organic and allergen-free.


  • Minor sewing deficiencies.

Nestl Luxury Queen Sheet Set — Winter Bedding Sheets You Need

Designed specifically for medium and large bed sizes, the product has wide dimensions and is meant to fit mattresses of 15 and more inches in depth perfectly. Stretchy deep-pocket add-ons fix the bedding firmly on any surface and prevent it from moving around at night or falling off the mattress like other similar beddings do.

Thanks to being combed both on the front and on the backside, the sheets are two times softer and gentler to the touch than regular cotton-woven products. Moreover, this technique ensures the strength and sturdiness that don’t easily go away with time or washing. It’s very pet-proof as it is known to withstand claw-cuts, bites, or scratches from small and large animals. The sheets stay bright and contrasted in their color even after numerous clean-ups and don’t wear out due to rubbing or constant use.

Silkiness and smoothness are truly the main characteristics that make the Nestl items rather suitable for children who might be allergic to most woven beddings. The set is very pests and parasite-resistant as it’s made of a lot of synthetic threads that don’t collect food or skin particles that mites are so keen on. This makes them safe and hyper hygienic. There’s no need to buy cold bed sheets anymore as these synthetic threads can also keep warm throughout the coldest winter.

Another nice feature here is that the company offers a great variety of colors, from navy blue or red to vanilla and magenta, as well as the sizes. The coloring of the product makes it look smart and expensive, and it’s also of remarkably high quality; thus, it doesn’t blur after several washes. Combined with twin or double twin, king or queen split options, the bed will look stunning in any house.


  • A large range of colors (over 40) and sizes;
  • Perfectly fitted deep-pockets;
  • Resilient and soft;
  • Pet-proof.


  • Somewhat hot.

Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set — Multi-Purpose Warm Bed Sheets

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

The last product of my Top 7 is the Mellanni Bed Sheet that I consider a great compliment to anyone’s bedroom. Made of pure, eco-friendly polyester that nicely substitutes most of the modern Egyptian or other cotton-woven products, this piece is one of the best winter bedding sheets for its great temperature regulation properties that balance coolness and heat throughout the year.

As it’s produced in different colors, the product can be used in all the rooms in a house, from a regular adult bedroom to children’s rooms, or guest houses. The texture is not slick or extra slippery, it combines sturdiness and somewhat toughness with tenderness and elasticity that can fit people of all ages.

Due to its luxury and stylish design, the set can make up a nice present on many occasions, though it won’t cost you a lot. The dyers used in manufacturing are non-toxic and pose no threat to either people or animals. Moreover, they don’t wash out or become bleak as they go through cycles of machine-washing. They remain bright even after minor bleaching which makes them easy to clean from stains or spills. You don’t have to worry about the sheet changing its size after washing thanks to the strong fibers that will keep the whole volume intact without shrinking.

Being one of the best cold weather sheets, the product does great during the winter by excluding any chance of overheating or excessive sweating. It regulates your body temperature to adapt to various weather conditions to ensure balance and comfort.

Let alone the company’s polite and effective customer support, the sheets can become a useful and most pleasant purchase you’ve done in years.


  • A completely poly product;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Highly functioning;
  • Great thermal regulation;
  • Comes in all sizes.


  • A little heavy.

Pinzon Signature Cotton Sheet Set — the Best of Winter Flannel Sheets

Another great set by Pinzon is good for people who like to feel the heavy and firm fit of their bedding.
Based on exclusive cotton, the set also consists of fitted and flat sheets, and two covers that perfectly match one another in black, cream, grey, and other colors. The cotton makes the items very sturdy and durable that places them in the Top ‘Best Thermal Bed Sheets’ for the winter. Moreover, the ‘combing fiber technology’ straightens the velvet that makes it very resistant to food, skin, or hair particles. Thanks to this, the product becomes an extremely unfavorable living environment for parasites and stays safe throughout its extended period of use.

Regarding its flannel components, the whole sheet is intertwined with strong, springy threads that allow the product to preserve elasticity and integrity. No matter how hard you pull the sheet, it’s very unlikely to get torn or damaged either accidentally or on purpose.

Though the single-ply threats with a four-inch thickness make the sheets quite heavy, they ensure breathability and air circulation under the pieces. You won’t feel too hot or too cold as the bedding’s thermal regulation feature always keeps the temperature at the average human level. Since this also excludes overheating and excessive sweating, the sheets don’t collect moisture. Thus, this feature makes them extremely hygienic and requiring little maintenance.

For washing, the items need low temperatures and can be combined with colored or plain clothes, as well as all kinds of detergents or softeners.

My friend has got one of these for herself as she was looking for a hypoallergenic sheet. She says that it’s perfect for people who tend to toss around at night and lose their bedding by the morning due to the weight of the product.


  • Has a slight synthetic smell;
  • Tough and fixes well on the bed;
  • No allergen-containing elements;
  • Suitable for adults and kids.


  • Heavy.

Home Fashion Designs Flannel Sheets — the Best Winter Bedding for Children

Home Fashion Designs Grey Polar Bears Flannel Sheets

While there’s a variety of winter flannel sheets, I’ve received a delightful recommendation from my dear friend about this Home Design product.

The Home Fashion Designs Flannel Sheets set consists of two sheets, a fitted and a flat one, and a pillowcase. Made of top-notch Turkish cotton, the product uses long fibers to secure comfort and lightness. The overall weight of the set is about 180GSM which puts it in the golden mean of modern high-quality bedding pieces – strong but tender.

Designed to take care of the user, the Stratton flannel is very resistant to temperature changes and is capable of preserving the natural human body warmth depending on the season. Thus, being the material to keep you really warm in winter and cool enough in summer.

The size of the item is versatile and fits most regular beds on the spot. By using the deep-pocket function, the sheets can be easily matched with normal mattresses or special, orthopedic ones.

Its smart and classical look is suitable for any room in the house; however, this product is mostly children-oriented. You can choose a print you like the most among 16 different patterns that the company offers for you little ones.

Whether it’s polar bears, cars, or penguins, the print is very resistant and won’t get blurry over time with washing. But it’s highly recommended not to apply any chlorine bleach as it may damage the fabrics.

As to cleaning, the product is likewise machine-washable and doesn’t require any special care. Moreover, this type of cotton dries up quickly either outside or in the dryer.


  • Colorful and various;
  • Fast to dry up;
  • Deep-pocket function;
  • Comes with a warranty;
  • Great insulation.


  • Somewhat pilling.


What Sheets Will Keep You Cool When It’s Hot and Warm When It’s Cold?

The most common answer to this question is cotton. Whether it’s the Egyptian or common type, cotton has the best insulating properties among other materials. It’s possible due to the fabrics’ ability to absorb moisture, like air humidity, sweat, etc. into its texture. As moisture is wicked, cotton begins to adjust its temperature to that of the closest heat source which happens to be the human body making it balanced and comfortable.

However, the array of modern bedding pieces has completely diversified and changed what we know about cool keeping and warmth providing materials. Such things as flannel or fleece, as well as polyester, can have the same temperature regulating properties thanks to the synthetic fabrics and components they are infused with.

Nevertheless, it’s not always the temperature that makes us buy certain sheets but not others. You should also consider the size, lifespan, and probable allergens that come with bedding to choose a perfect item.

Do Polyester Sheets Get Warm When Rubbing?

Yes, they do. But providing heat doesn’t really mean conducting it. As it has been established, polyester is one of the best synthetic materials used for bedding and clothes as a substitute for more expensive natural fabrics. By rubbing it, you get what is called ‘static electricity’ as a sign of actual heat energy going through the fabrics’ molecules.

Though it does appear to be a solution to temperature fluctuations throughout seasons, polyester cannot do it on its own.

Polypropylene can keep large amounts of heat that are borrowed from the nearest heat sources. On the other hand, poly materials don’t let the temperature out and just reserve it until they cool down completely. To avoid this issue, manufacturers add certain synthetic components to sheets that cause the trapped heat to leave the poly molecules and transmit to the human body.

If your sheets require rubbing on them to get warm, then I’d advise you to change those for a better product. It’s very easy to do just by checking out the best winter bedding options that so many companies offer on the Internet.

Which Is Warmer Fleece or Flannel?

The short answer is fleece, but there is more to it. If there weren’t, we would all cozy up to fleece sheets and blankets having completely forgotten about the possible alternatives.

As for heat-trapping properties, fleece products are definitely more capable. They can collect a lot of warmth and keep it for a longer time than other materials. But since fleece is a synthetic product which is derived from polyester and has much weaker temperature regulation properties, this makes it too hot for some people. Combined with synthetic sturdiness, fleece can be a bit rough, and some people may find it less comfortable.

When it comes to flannel, it doesn’t trap heat very well so it’s considered cooler. However, flannel is a natural fabric that does very well with balancing temperatures and adapting to both the user and the environment. It’s much softer and feels more pleasant.

As you can see, fleece might be warmer but it does lack certain properties that make up the whole sleeping experience.

What Color Bed Sheets Are Common for the Winter Season?

Since the color of a bedding piece doesn’t have a direct influence over the properties and temperature regulation features, it performs more of a mental pleasure part. When preparing your room for the winter season, you should think about the feeling and atmosphere you’d like your space to emit.

As tendencies suggest, people seeking a calm and nourishing environment in their bedroom during the winter usually style the room with Hydrangea or Naive Blue color sheets. For those who tend to be light sleepers, Imperial or Royal blue colors can create a very relaxing atmosphere to get you into deep-sleep phases.

On the other hand, if you need to create a more vigorous and comforting atmosphere, make sure to use bright, warm colors, like Burgundy, Coral, or even Light Red. Not that they will provide you with additional heat, but they will surely make you feel more secure.

The Bottom Line

As the cold season is heading our way, finding a set of comfortable, reliable, and more importantly, warm sheets for winter is a must. Whether you prefer a natural cotton-based product to ensure breathability and coolness, or a sturdy fleece sheet to keep the chills away, you should pay close attention to what you’re about to purchase.

You don’t have to be a master weaver and know fabrics from A to Z, but simply a careful and curious buyer. These qualities will prove most useful and help you choose the right bedding to provide comfortable and warm sleep as it starts to snow outside your cozy dwelling.

I sincerely hope you’ve found this article useful. What do you think is the main difference between fleece and flannel sheets? Do you find polyester bedding so hypoallergenic as they say? Feel free to comment down below!

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