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Best Summer Weight Blanket

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I studied the problem of sleeping when I suffered from insomnia. The many methods turned out to be useless or not helping as much as they promised. Therefore, I decided to try weighted blankets. They are designed to improve sleep quality, nervous and physical recovery, relieve emotional and physical stress and anxiety.

Using a sleeping blanket increases the two most important hormones responsible for the emotional state. These are the “hormone of happiness” serotonin and melatonin, the “sleep hormone.” On the contrary, it reduces the level of nervous excitement. You get a euphoric feeling of full relaxation for your body and nervous system; your sleep is deeper and calmer. With a weighted blanket, your mood and well-being after sleep are restored, and you are full of strength and energy every day.

The modern market offers us a lot of new items for sleep, and the weighted blanket seems like one of those things. For several years in Europe and the USA, people have been using these blankets in medical practice and everyday life. I will share with you the essential information about all aspects of a heavy blanket for summer and what functions are important to consider before purchasing. Here I offer TOP 7 items from different manufacturers.

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Top 7 Best Summer Weight Blanket

Today, many companies offer tailor-made weight blankets or choose from the existing assortment. But it is best to give preference to trusted manufacturers who can guarantee their products` quality and safety. The cost of blankets depends on their size, weight, and type of filler.

Utopia Bedding: Soft and Breathable Weight Blanket

This bed blanket for summer is from the well-known Utopia bedding brand. The blanket is great for queen and full-size beds. It is approximately 90 x 90 inches, which can serve as bedding to even smaller beds. 100% natural ring-spun cotton guarantees a good night’s sleep. Since this material does not contain synthetic additives, it ultimately saves you from possible allergic reactions. It will also perfectly pass air to your body, and you will not suffer from the hot conditions.

Moreover, this blanket is suitable for the winter. Even though the material allows ventilation to the body, it is warm enough not to let you freeze in winter evenings. This blanket is perfect for people with sensitive skin. This weighted Utopia blanket can be easily washed in the washing machine and by hand because the cotton material does not require a lot of effort to care for. It does not need special methods of washing or drying, so you do not have to worry about this. A small bonus to all the benefits of this blanket is the variety of colors. You can choose any color suitable for the interior of your room from 5 available.


  • 100% cotton;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Lightweight;
  • No synthetic materials;
  • Easy care machine wash and dry.


  • Mostly fit for a queen and full bed size.

Pure Flax: Beautiful and Thermo Blanket

Sofia's Linen Pure Flax Linen Blanket

Sofia’s Linen is the best light weight blanket for hot summer nights. The 100% linen is a guarantee of physical comfort, and perfect design will fit any home interior. Versatile double-sided weaving makes this blanket a great addition to your armchair or bed. It has been proven that 100% linen contributes to a night of deep and relaxed sleep. Thanks to the hygroscopic nature of this material, you will not have to bear the heat, as it absorbs moisture and leaves the air under the covers cool. Sofia’s Linen is endowed with a thermostat, which makes this model of blankets perfect for winter and summer. The blanket is available only in one size 87″x 79″, which makes it universal for every bed size.


  • 100% linen;
  • Hygroscopic;
  • Thermoregulating;
  • Universal design.


  • Only one size.

SUPERIOR: All Season Weight Blanket

SUPERIOR Classic All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

SUPERIOR bedding is a great solution if you are in doubt about which item to choose. The material of this bedding is 100% polyester microfiber. The microfiber rim is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also resistant to fading in the sun. You can take this blanket and use it as a plaid outside for guests. The SUPERIOR blanket is filled with a hypoallergenic filler, and this provides complete protection against any allergic reactions. The high down alternative polyfill is great for sensitive skin. The size of this blanket is for a full or queen 86 “x 86” bed. It will match a double-sized bed as well.

As for the right season for this blanket, then 40 oz of white down alternative polyfill ensures the comfort use of SUPERIOR blanket throughout the year. The material adjusts to body and environmental temperatures. You won’t spend a lot of time caring for this blanket. Protective double-needle sewing prevents any damage to the filler. You can put this blanket in a washing machine, on low heat for re-whipping. You can also wash the item manually, but it would be a little challenging.

To avoid the worn places and possible damages, you better dry the blanket in the dryer separately from other things and cloth. A great bonus is the color assortment provided. You can choose any color from 12 which you like the most. It will help you to maintain the interior of a room and add coziness to your home.


  • Perfect fit for every bed size;
  • Easy to wash and dry;
  • 12 colors for every room design;
  • Hypoallergenic filler;
  • Durable.


  • Not distributed internationally.

GOHD: Bamboo Weight Blanket

The weighted blanket GOHD is very simple looking but made of durable and high-quality material. Bamboo fiber is a unique material that is used even for cribs. It is a soft and light-to-touch fabric that allows fresh air to pass through well. It is one of the most appropriate materials for the hottest summers. It is significant for normalizing your body temperature and preventing it from overheating. I can compare the softness of bamboo fiber only with silk.

The manufacturer claims that the best season to use this blanket is at the end of March till the end of August, November, and December. Bamboo viscose fiber absorbs moisture effectively and forms ventilation. There are 5 colors and 4 sizes to choose from.

These available sizes are KING SIZE: 90x 108 “; QUEEN SIZE: 86×86”; TWIN SIZE: 66×86 ”; THROW: 44×60”. This item is an excellent choice for all bed sizes, and you can always choose what is best for your home.


  • 4 sizes available;
  • Natural bamboo fiber;
  • Great for both summer and winter.


  • May seem heavy.

SUPERIOR: Thermal and Breathable

A SUPERIOR best light weight summer blanket is a remarkable option for a hot summer. 100% cotton of the highest quality will give you ease and comfort in use. This blanket has a breathable effect and allows your body to breathe freely. It is an incredibly pleasant material for your skin that will never cause allergic reactions or irritations. This 68 “x 90” Twin bedding is suitable for both cold and hot weather. The design of this cotton blanket is straightforward but will suit any interior. The herringbone pattern and self-tied edges give the design simplicity and beauty. Besides, you can choose any color from the 4 available. They all are calm and pastel. I have already mentioned that blankets from this type of high-strength and quality cotton material are suitable for washing and drying in a washing machine. If you do washing according to the instructions on the label, the colors will not deteriorate.


  • 100% premium quality cotton;
  • Easy to wash and dry;
  • Gives long-lasting comfort;
  • Stylish design for every room.


  • Only twin size available.

DANGTOP: Cooling Blanket

The DANGTOP cooling blanket is made from bamboo microfiber fabric, which ideally serves hot summers as well as cool winters. You should consider that before using it. You better wash the blanket before using since all bamboo fibers feature a certain degree of shrinkage. The methods of washing are indicated on the instruction label. The breathable SMART fabric adapts to the period of the year, cooling your body in the summertime or warming it in winter. You can use the blanket for a variety of occasions: for sleeping, relaxing after a busy workday, or backyard picnics during cool summer nights. The dimensions of the DANGTOP model are suitable for Small-59×79″ and Large-79″x91″ beds. DANGTOP blanket is intended for indoor temperatures up to 95F.

You should pay special attention to the methods of caring for such a blanket. First of all, you should read the instructions on how to dry this blanket properly. You can not allow the bamboo blanket to dry in the sun or the dryer. You need to hang it in a cool room on a clothes hanger in the upright position. This way, you will reduce the possibility of shrinking, and the blanket will remain the same size. To wash it, set the delicate mode in the washing machine. Also, you can iron it with steam.


  • Bamboo microfiber;
  • Great for indoor temperature from 80F to 95F;
  • Perfect for full bed size;
  • Lightweight.


  • Available only in one size;
  • May be damaged when drying if you do not follow the instructions.

Syrinx: 2-in-1 Cooling and Weighted Blanket

The 2-in-1 weighted and cooling Syrinx blanket is made of durable and soft quality material. After some time sleeping with this blanket, you will notice how your sleep becomes healthier, and insomnia will no longer bother you. The blanket does not produce extra sound if you are turning a lot during sleep. This feature ensures calm and harmonious sleep. With this blanket, you will feel cheerful and energetic in the morning. The design of this blanket will match the interior of any room and is suitable for traveling. This blanket has six layers for optimal breathability. The updated technology of quilting fabric allows the material to distribute glass beads evenly in each compartment of the blanket. This allows your body to enjoy the most pleasant tactile sensations and not to suffer from the uncomfortable blankets anymore.

Please note that the manufacturer recommends you to follow specific rules when choosing the blanket size. So, you should take 10% of your body weight into account, add one pound more, and it would be the best size. These calculations are based on customer reviews. Also, you can find a table of all sizes on the official website. There are 4 shades of delicate colors, so you can choose what suits your interior the most.


  • Available in 4 colors;
  • Suitable for any bed size;
  • High-quality fabrics;
  • Soft and comfortable.


  • Suitable mostly for the summer season.

FAQ: What Is a Cooling Blanket and How to Use It Properly?

I answered the most frequent questions that bother almost everyone who is struggling with skunk elimination. This is very important to find out all the answers that may bother you to prevent any accidental situations in the process of elimination itself.

Do Cooling Blankets Work?

A weighted blanket made from cooling fabrics is not a marketing ploy. Fibers that contain microcapsules change their properties depending on body temperature and the environment. They can be warm or cool; that is, they work on the principle of a thermos. Sweat from the human body exits through the micropores but does not stays in. Unique structures of materials, weaving, or knitting production methods are also applied for the cooling effect. They have high porosity, which contributes to the evaporation of moisture from the body.

Moreover, materials made from natural fibers create comfort for the skin in hot weather. The light cooling effect of the material helps to improve metabolism and reduce the oxygen demand of tissues. Consequently, it has a positive impact on sleep quality, according to numerous scientific studies. You sweat less, and your muscles relax as much as possible.

What Blanket Material Is the Coolest?

Every manufacturer decides which material for the blanket to use. I want to tell you about the most comfortable and coolest ones. I will focus mostly on the weight blanket materials, but this information is closely related to the usual blankets. So, you can choose which one is the best fit for your needs.

The manufacturers use a hypoallergenic polymer or buckwheat husk as the weighting filler inside the blanket. Today, many brands are experimenting, changing not only the materials used for sewing blankets but also their fillers. You can find products with various synthetic and vegetable fillers on the modern market, including blankets with Himalayan salt used for weighting. Thus, manufacturers are trying to achieve an additional therapeutic effect, but the main goal of the weight blankets is sensory stimulation of our body.

To choose the most cooling material of the blanket, you should follow the next basic rules:

  • When you sleep, moisture is released from the pores of our skin, so the linen material must have appropriate hygroscopic. This property is inherent in natural wool, cotton, and linen fabrics. If you are looking for linen made from natural cotton fabric, pay attention to satin, calico, percale, poplin. They can have different weaving of threads and special treatment, which makes the materials softer for your skin.
  • Poplin ​​linen is more expensive and has a peculiar softness. It is achieved through a unique combination of twisted threads of different thicknesses. Poplin fabric does not require special care.
  • The satin material is the softest, among others. This is the fabric of the elite class because of its smooth front surface. However, it requires a lot of effort to care for.
  • For people prone to asthmatic diseases and suffering from various types of allergic reactions, I would recommend bamboo bedding. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.

Tactile sensations are essential for our body as they provide an inextricable connection with the world around us. For children, they are the main source of knowledge about the external environment. Sensations are related to the needs of the human body, being peculiar regulators.

Is There Such Thing as an Electric Cooling Blanket?

An electric blanket is a blanket with a cooling device designed for the local light cooling of the bed. Therefore, it would be more pleasant to sleep or lie on it. The electric blanket will make your rest at home more enjoyable. If the electric blanket has a timer or automatic shutdown function, you don’t have to worry about overcooling. Its cooling effect will gently envelop you in any weather, helping all overstressed muscles relax and remove the clamps.

In damp cold weather, an electric blanket with a heating effect will help cope with aching joint pain, arthritis, or cystitis exacerbation. Back pain from overvoltage or radiculitis is also alleviated by using an electrically heated blanket. With colds and respiratory diseases (excluding purulent tonsillitis, purulent otitis media, and other purulent infections), the effect of dry heat will help to get better soon. The electric blanket will help warm up by replacing mustard plasters and heating pads with feet.

How to Keep Bed Cool During Summer?

To cool the bed in the summer, you need to follow a couple of tips:

First of all, you need to choose the right bedding. The main natural fibers used in the manufacture of fabrics are linen and cotton.

Linen. It is one of the most durable and wear-resistant materials. It can withstand up to 200 times of washings. Over time, flax becomes softer and more tender, and the noble gray color brightens and turns into yellowness. The colors on the linen do not fade and will delight you with their diversity for a long time.

Cotton. Perhaps, the most popular material for bedding. It is not expensive and quite durable. One of the main properties of cotton is its hygroscopicity. Cotton linen is warm in winter and cool in summer.

I recommend putting bottles with ice in the bed before going to sleep. Remove them in the morning. Lying down in a nice cool bed will be a real delight after a hot summer day.

Another great way to cool off is to put a sheet and pillowcase in the fridge in the morning and put them back in a bed before going to sleep. However, do not put your laundry in the freezer; there is a risk of getting sick.

Memory mattresses retain heat well. It is a useful tip for winter, but uncomfortable for summer. I have this kind of a mattress, so in the summer, I put on a cotton mattress pad. You can place it in the refrigerator too.

Conclusion Remarks: Ensure You Make the Right Choice

A weighted blanket stimulates multiple receptors on the human body, creating the effect of wrapping or hugging. Our brain perceives this as an indicator of security and safety. Consequently, the level of cortisol, which is responsible for anxiety, nervous agitation, and insomnia, decreases. The concentration of serotonin – the “hormone of happiness” and melatonin – the “sleep hormone” increases, the pulse rate decreases, and blood pressure stabilizes. Having experienced all this on my own, I don’t suffer from sleepless nights anymore. While deciding to buy a weighted blanket, you better choose a trusted manufacturer that uses only safe and hypoallergenic materials for sewing and filling items. A weighted blanket is a natural antidepressant that has no contraindications! It worked for me perfectly.

I’m interested in reading about your choice of the best summer weight blanket! Describe your experience in the comments. If you have any questions, I will answer them gladly.

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