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Slightly firmer and longer, this Royal Therapy product is great for people who are concerned about the hygiene of their beds and bedding. Designed to be safe and clean under any circumstances, the pillow is great for children and messy adults. Moreover, it can be highly recommended to those who suffer from both seasonal and chronic allergiesIt’s not a surprise that pillows made of memory foam have got so popular recently. Not only have they become a solution for people with underlying neck and back conditions, but have also pushed out regular down pillows on the market. The reason for this is simple – they offer more benefits than their predecessors.

Though there is a great array of good memory foam pillows, the choice is still unclear. Which model suits best for people with neck pain? What manufacturer uses the most organic materials when designing a cushion? Well, that’s what the article is about.

Top pick
Coop Home Goods The Eden Cool Adjustable Pillow,...
Possible to refill manually
Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam...
No heat absorption
EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic...
Warranty included

Top 10 Best Memory Foam Pillows for You

I’ve had a great deal of experience with bed comforts, both personally and professionally. Therefore, I get that it can be rather confusing when you see the immense stocks of products on the Internet. All of them seem perfect at first, but how to find the right one?

Here, I’ve compiled a compact list of memory foam pillows reviews to give you a helping hand. Each of them will surely have one or two features to catch your eye. So, I’ve added a shortlist of the most important positives and negatives below to make it even simpler. Well, here we go!

Misiki Orthopedic Pillow — Best Contour Pillow for Tossers

If you’re looking for a nice pillow for sleeping so that your neck and head would benefit a lot, then consider purchasing this one. The product is specifically designed to suit the needs of those who suffer from occasional pain in their upper body. It’s recognized as an item with perfect pillow memory foam for orthopedic purposes.

The overall size of the product is around 15 inches in width and 8.5 inches in length. Such a design is great for small and medium-height people. It provides a roomy sleep surface for both the head and neck, as well as covers the upper shoulder bones. Being only 3.8 inches in depth, the pillow doesn’t create the annoying sink-in feeling but rather contours the shape to prevent muscle pressure and straining.

It’s made of high-quality, organic poly material. Polyester is known for its anti-allergenic properties thanks to its moisture resistance. It doesn’t absorb excesses of sweat or saliva, which allergy-causing parasites find so attractive to inhabit. Moreover, the material is favorable for people with complexion and overall skin conditions. It doesn’t irritate the skin; neither does it harm the upper skin layers thanks to the smooth and skin-friendly cover.

The most outstanding feature is the pillow’s shape. Since it’s devised for muscle and bone condition treatment, the pillow has unusual wave-like outlines. Its base nicely grounds on the mattress to anchor easily on even the bumpiest surface. On the other hand, the top is a separate layer with a slight curve downwards. It serves as a stabilizer for those who tend to toss around and find it difficult to settle down at night.


  • Orthopedic;
  • Pure poly material;
  • Perfect for night tossers;
  • Child-friendly.


  • A little synthetic smell at first.

Coop Home Goods Pillow — Best Gel Memory Foam Pillow with Readjustment Feature

For those of you who prefer more standard comforts, I believe this Coop Home Goods product will do justice to your sleep. The pillow is a completely certified product from a national-based manufacturer. Great for both back and stomach sleepers, it can be a beautiful add-on to your night sleep.

When ordering the pillow, make sure to choose the right model between Standard, King, and Queen to suit your bed best. The King size memory foam pillows are approximately 18 inches long, which is nice for people of all heights and constitutions. It’s not too big for a regular bed but just the size for a double one. Also, 7 inches in depth allow for a comfortable sleep without submerging into the fluffy material too much. Though it’s not the flattest pillow ever, it’s still rather thin compared to regular ones.

Both the depth and length are great for your spine and neck alignment. To avoid the unnecessary pressure onto the vertebrae and neck muscles, the item provides firm support. Now, your back can rest during the night, and you don’t have to wake up with a strain or stiffness.

As for the filling, modern manufacturers like to stuff their products with an abundant amount of foam. But it’s not about this one. The producer has made it possible to readjust the amount of filling inside so that you can regulate it easily. Remove the cover, undo the protecting case, and set the amount of filling you find most comfortable.


  • Possible to refill manually;
  • Comes in different models;
  • Great alignment;
  • No odor.


  • Requires delicate washing.

TINKLE WELL Cervical Pillow — Cool Memory Foam Pillow

In case you find it quite too hot to sleep on your current pillow, take a look at this lightweight, cloud-like head support. Created to be space-saving and avoid any feeling of heaviness at night, the product is a great option for the replacement of old down pillows. Especially if you’ve used them for years, endangering yourself with dust mites and bed bugs.

The product is made of cellulosic fibers and polyester. The fibers are non-chemical and organic to avoid any toxins. They provide the pillow with breathability and lightness since the threads are not too densely sewn together. It’s also a benefit for the pillow’s temperature regulation properties. Now, when the product releases hot air from its core easily, air circulation is improved, and heat doesn’t get trapped inside the filling. This results in coolness and freshness of either side of the item, making it a truly greatly ventilated memory foam pillow.

As for the filling itself, the foam inside is bouncy yet firm. It’s embedded with a nice rebounding feature to provide comfort and contouring for your favorite sleep positions. It’s established that the pillow can restore its original form and fluffiness within seconds. Such swiftness is great for the pillow’s overall service period. Because the filling doesn’t compress easily but stays in that shape for a long time, it can serve longer and more reliably. Also, the top case is silken and covered with microfiber for comfort and gentleness to the touch. You can maintain it with simple 2-rinse cycles and add some conditioner for freshness.


  • Elongated service time;
  • Rebounding and reshaping;
  • Non-chemical;
  • Machine-washable.


  • Takes up to 24 hours to decompress.

Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Pillow — King and Queen Memory Foam Pillow for Stress Relief

It’s typical to have a stressful day, and it’s even more common to have a sleepless night. For those people who suffer from the hardships of insomnia or tossing around, here is a nice solution. This pillow is more than just neck and head support since it can calm down your nerves and relax your airways to improve sleep.

The product is rather longer (circa 32 inches) than regular foam pillows to offer a larger rest area for the head, neck, and shoulders. With approximately 6 inches in height, it’s flat enough to serve as an aligning pillow to straighten your spinal cord and provide a healthy position for your vertebrae during the night. Here, the pressure applied to the cervical area is reduced drastically, preventing stiffness or strains.

As for the main feature, the pillow has an encircling stripe of a lavender incense. Though both the filling and cover have been slightly sprinkled with the essential oil, the velvet stripe in the middle contains the highest concentration of it. It’s done for aroma-therapeutic purposes since lavender is known for its nerve-calming properties.

The top cover is made of well-knitted threads meant to make your sleep experience even more pleasant. At the same time, the overall appeal of the product becomes a pleasure to the eye. Don’t worry about washing the item. It’s very moisture-resistant and won’t lose the smell even after multiple cleanings. The manufacturer provides a warranty so that you can see for yourself that it’s the best rated memory foam pillow with an aroma.


  • Stress and tension relief;
  • Stylish and simple;
  • Stain-resistant;
  • No synthetic or excessive odor.


  • Expensive.

Royal Therapy Pillow — Firmest Memory Foam Pillow for Safety and Hygiene

Slightly firmer and longer, this Royal Therapy product is great for people who are concerned about the hygiene of their beds and bedding. Designed to be safe and clean under any circumstances, the pillow is great for children and messy adults. Moreover, it can be highly recommended to those who suffer from both seasonal and chronic allergies.

The thread count of the product is relatively standard, i.e., a couple of hundred threads. This makes the pillow not too dense to feel stiff but firm enough to provide secure neck and head support. It doesn’t feel like you’re sinking in the filling, nor does it seem like you’re about to slide down. To prevent the latter, the manufacturers have made the corners a little smoother. Thus, turning the whole pillow into a complete sleeping area.

For those whose thickness preferences change from time to time, there is a feature of readjustment. It means that this shredded memory foam pillow can be either fluffed up or flattened down simply by refilling the zipped cover. Also, the adjustable foam is very organic and makes up an unfavorable environment for bed infesting insects. As a result, the number of allergens is reduced drastically to make the pillow as safe as possible.

Additionally, it takes special care of people whose airways and skin are too sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. The filling is moisture-resistant. It doesn’t absorb sweat but makes it evaporate as fast as possible to restore the favorable temperature inside the pillow. Thanks to this, you don’t have to flip the sides looking for a cooler one, since they are both refreshing.


  • High-quality hypoallergenic cover and filling;
  • Crystal-white even after many washes;
  • Affordable price;
  • No smell.


  • Can be too narrow for some people.

Classic Brands Reversible Gel Pillow — Soft Memory Foam Pillow for Relaxation

To turn your night sleep into an experience rather than a necessity, you’re going to need a cooling flip-pillow, like this one. It’s perfect for those who have difficulty breathing freely with their faces down; or those who tend to wake up multiple times at night.

The pillow comes in the Queen size with around 25 inches in width, ensuring a spacious surface for sleeping. Here, the sides are sliced down for preventing your head from plunging under the pillow at night. The 16-inch length is more than enough for placing your head, neck, and upper shoulder blades to make a good alignment. Since there is only a little gap between the head and upper spine, your cervical muscles are unlikely to bend downward or create additional pressure.

As for the material, the pillow’s filling is made exclusively of polyester without extra chemicals or animal-derived components. It helps keep the cleanness of the filling for longer and avoid washing. The top cover is an elastic and firm case meant to keep the shape of the filling. It facilitates the pillow’s rebounding property so that the overall pillow shape doesn’t become overstretched with time.

Probably the most recognized feature of the product is its ability to maintain coolness thanks to the air circulation design. The airflow is conducted by the shape-shifting filling, which lets hot air in and releases it throughout the whole pillow surface. This cool memory foam pillow is also backed up by the bubbly cover on both sides of the product, which doesn’t absorb excessive heat. Thus, staying fresh throughout the night.


  • No heat absorption;
  • Easy to unpack and maintain;
  • Natural-only composition;
  • Shape-shifting.


  • Easy-to-tear cover.

Perfect Cloud Double Airflow Pillow — Thick Memory Foam Pillow for Breathability

Another great option for those of you who know what real comfort should feel like is the Perfect Cloud Pillow. This lightweight, easy-to-wash product is especially suitable for people who experience neck stiffness and strain. Also, it will be a fit for small children and youngsters who have trouble falling asleep promptly.

This soft memory foam pillow is a three-feature product created with style and comfort in mind. First, it’s made of a combination of different poly materials, which initially was introduced to plane passengers as cushions. The wonder of the material is that it’s much lighter than normal memory foam. Thanks to the lightness and reduced fiber density, it ensures better air circulation in and out of the filling. The filling is, of course, shape-shifting and can easily take on the outlines of the head, neck, or even the back.

Second, the middle of the pillow has an inner case, a mesh-like cover. Its main purpose is to hold the foam together tightly, preventing it from deforming or losing the shape at any point. However, it also acts as a medium between the user and the filling to regulate the temperature and decrease heat. This comes in handy when the surrounding temperature is higher than usual, e.g., in the summer.

Finally, the outer case has a nice, breathing stripe around. There are also small pores that help the hot air escape from the filling to prevent it from being trapped inside. The case itself is soft and pleasant to the touch and is made of eco-friendly polyester, thus being another hypoallergenic memory foam pillow.


  • Twice more airflow inside the filling;
  • Perfect for users of all ages;
  • Pet-resilient;
  • Easy to clean and wash.


  • The cover is somewhat tough.

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow — Top Rate Memory Foam Pillow for Pain Relief

If you’ve been experiencing neck pain or muscle strains, the EPABO Pillow can come in handy right away. The product is specifically designed for mild and medium cases of physiological cervical complications while sleeping. Not only does the pillow prevent such cases from happening, but it also eases pain and stiffness for those whose condition is already underlying.

The company’s regular pillow option is a compact item with a little over 20 inches in width and 12 inches in length. Such dimensions are perfectly suitable for both adults and children. Here, your head will find enough room for any sleep positions you might prefer. Whether you sleep on your back with the spine straight or you’re a stomach sleeper, the pillow will suit your current position.

I can pronounce the item the best memory foam pillow for orthopedic rest thanks to its aligning feature. When you take a comfortable position and place your head on the sleeping area, it submerges a little, creating a nice line. It’s due to a slightly curved dent in the middle, which is meant to take the pressure off the neck muscles and restore the freedom of the bloodstream. The effect is boosted by the shape-shifting filling. It squishes easily under the weight of the head and takes up your most suitable shape.

To simplify washing, the manufacturer has equipped the case with water-resistant fibers. When maintaining your king or queen memory foam pillow with machine-washes, the fibers don’t let the case lose its texture, which prevents flattening and shedding. However, make sure to check the maintenance guidance, which comes with the product to ensure longevity.


  • Orthopedic;
  • Ultralightweight;
  • Non-stainable case;
  • Warranty included.


  • Feels a bit hard due to the curvature.

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow  — Best Rated Memory Foam Pillow Made of Organic Materials

This one is the best gel memory foam pillow with a bamboo-based cover for people looking for a more organic product. Just like other foam-infused pillows, this item can be a superb add-on to the bed comforts of individuals suffering from allergies or simply sensitive to synthetics. Easy to maintain and with no chemicals detected, the product is child and nature-friendly.

It comes in three different dimension sets to fit the bed model you have, i.e., Normal, Queen, and King. No matter the model, all the options are spacious enough for fitting your head, neck, and upper shoulders on the top, without sliding down or plunging under the pillow. If you prefer to flatten or fluff up the cushion, the manufacturer has ensured that it’s easy and fast to do. Simply undo the upper case and take out the filling. You can enlarge it by adding more foam or downsize by reducing the amount of the filling inside.

The material used for making the thick memory foam pillow is almost evenly halved by poly fabrics and bamboo-derived fibers. The first material is good for water-resilience and sturdiness, whereas, the latter one provides softness and elasticity. Make sure to wash it at low temperatures to save the outer fiber cover.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting;
  • Lightweight;
  • No odor;
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Sensitive to high temperatures.

Classic Brands Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow — Heavenly Cool Memory Foam Pillow

People who like to cozy up on their stomachs might experience a lack of oxygen, which causes them to toss around at night. The Classic Brands product with a well-devised vent technology can be a solution to the issue. The pillow is great at creating a constant flow of air in and out of the filling to reduce the heat and CO2 excesses.

Coming in King and Queen models, the item is a fit for any bed type. Though it’s a bit larger than regular down pillows (a little over 25 inches wide), it doesn’t take too much space on your mattress, and it allows for switching between different sleep positions. Moreover, the sleeping surface is elongated since the sides of the item are smoothed. It prevents your head from sliding down at night, as well as creates additional head and neck support.

With extra pores embedded inside the product, the filling is lightweight and breathable. Thanks to the polyester’s reduced fiber density, it doesn’t keep the air inside but forces it to leave through the multiple pores and vents throughout the surface. It improves the pillow’s thermal regulation properties and turns the pillow into a reversible cushion where both sides are cool and fresh.

To make it truly the most comfortable memory foam pillow, the manufacturer has given the item a soft cover. It’s made of poly materials to prevent allergies and dust collection. Also, you can rest assured that the case won’t get dirty too easily, and neither will it absorb moisture.


  • Improved air circulation;
  • No heat-trapping;
  • Non-allergenic;
  • Doesn’t shed.


  • Requires 1-2 washes to lose the synthetic smell.

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

When you see a top rated memory foam pillow on the Internet, you should mind that there isn’t just one kind of it to purchase.

Solid pillows

If a product has one integrable filling, then it’s a single-foam pillow. Such pillows are normally produced to be dense and sturdy and have specific properties designated on their instruction booklets. Though they can vary in sizes and even shapes, they are generally made of either pure poly materials or similar blends.

Shredded pillows

Some manufacturers prefer to give the choice of size and toughness to their customers. A shredded pillow is a product that has a refillable and removable filling inside. Resembling small, shredded cubes, the user can adjust the amount of it freely.

Curved pillows

Opposing the solid and shredded ones, a curved pillow is an item with a sturdy filling, which isn’t meant to change its shape. The upper part of the item is topped by another layer shaped to create a certain curvature for the head and neck. Normally, they are meant for orthopedic and pain-relief purposes, as well as prescribed to people who suffer from neck and muscle conditions.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

The foam is designed to take up the shape of the user’s head and neck. When it contours the shape of your body, it helps reproduce the exact curvature of your bones and muscles to provide pressure relief.

While contouring your body, your head, neck, and shoulders are aligned much better than on a standard down pillow. It prevents the vertebrae from clenching and impeding the bloodstream.

Memory foam derives from synthetic materials, like polyester and viscose. They come in handy for those who are inflicted by seasonal or chronic allergies thanks to their hypoallergenic properties.

Such products are very moisture-resistant. They don’t trap water, sweat, and saliva inside but are meant to cause prompt evaporation. As a result, the pillows are unlikely to get dirty too often or gain unpleasant odors.

The top covers are normally made of sturdy fibers for protection and neatness. The material is more than stain-proof, easy to wash, completely allergen-free.

pillow with a shredded memory foam inside

Disadvantages of Memory Foam Pillows

Even the best contour pillow can lose its shape, especially if you remove the filling too often. This mostly applies to shredded-filling products since each removal causes the pieces to reduce their elasticity and form.

Unless a manufacturer has focused their attention on thermal regulation, memory foam can trap a lot of heat. It can lead to minor sleep discomfort and sweating.

Because the foam is based on synthetic materials, it can have a slight odor. The smell normally goes away after the first couple of washes and disappears by itself with time.

Due to their pricey and material-consuming production, such items are generally more expensive than down pillows. Their price can vary from 2 to even 4 times more of the price of a regular pillow.

Learn More About Shape-Shifting Pillows

Though I’ve covered the most significant information about memory foam products, you might still be left wondering about certain aspects. Here is more about the use, maintenance, and benefits of shape-shifting pillows.

How to clean a memory foam pillow?

General maintenance of foam pillows usually requires the cleaning of the protective case. Some cases are made to be washed in a washing machine and don’t have any specifications. Simply put the cover in a washing machine at a low or medium temperature. It’s also advised to use a conditioner to remove the synthetic odor but it’s not necessary.

How often to replace a memory foam pillow?

It greatly depends on the material your pillow is made of. Polyester normally stays in shape for around 2 years of constant use, while latex can serve up to 5 years. However, you should consider buying a new pillow if yours has lost its shape, has a smell, or simply doesn’t wash well anymore.

How to sleep on a contour memory foam pillow?

The best sleep position for a curved cushion is on your back. This way, your neck and spine are aligned well enough to take down the pressure. But a contour pillow can be as much comfortable for side and stomach sleepers.

Is a gel memory foam pillow safe?

A pillow that is well-designed and complies with the National Safety Guidelines is more than user-friendly. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s certification and license if you have doubts.

Memory Foam Pillows for Sleep and Relaxation Improvement

Since you’ve come this far, you might have already realized the benefits that come with a memory foam pillow. Even the firmest memory foam pillow provides you with a much better sleep experience than a regular down one. And even considering the downsides of the product, it still ensures your rest and peace as night.

Anyway, I do hope you’ve enjoyed the article and learned something new. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. What kind of pillow do you prefer? Has it improved your sleep? Which material do you think is more pleasant to the touch: polyester or latex? Leave your comments down below!

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